Gameday Thread: Houston at Tulsa

(Eric Prado) #1

With the offense “fixed” to many fans approval and the defense cou it sully doing its job will the coogs improve to 5-1? Or will Tulsa once again prove to be a thorn in our side?

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(Patrick) #2

I think Tulsa hangs around, but we put them away in the 2nd half.

(Eric) #3

Let’s gooooo!

Hoping to see our offense grow today. Hope we throw up some points, we need to have a statement game.

(Eric) #4

Wait… so the game isn’t on ESPN News anymore???

It says it’s streaming on the ESPN App and is showing the Miami v Georgia Tech

(Eric Prado) #5

Yea wtf

(Eric Prado) #6

It says it’s on the app but I still get this Miami GT garbage


I think we got bumped bc GT/Miami got bumped from ABC by Michigan/Indiana going OT

(Eric) #8

It’s on ESPN News now. Looks like someone goofed there for a bit.

Good to go!

(Eric Prado) #9



Postma has a weak arm

(Eric) #11

What’s the status of Bonner today? Is he back?

(Jimmy Morris) #12

I do like that they don’t do that, moving the ball back, for the punt with Roy. The shorter the punt, the easier the angle for putting it out of bounds. It’s a much more effective technique than lobbing it up in the air and having the punt team field it instead.

(Tom) #13

Poor mechanics on that throw,

(Cary) #14

You have weak posts

(Eric) #15

Shots fired.

(Jimmy Morris) #16

I don’t care if this gets me in trouble. You are a complete asshole that consistently has something negative to very very early in the game. You really do deserve a troll status.

(Eric) #17


(Eric Prado) #18

Terrible luck


Time to start drinking

(Tom) #20

Oh boy, this team is still sleep walking. Not good folks