Gameday Thread: Houston vs. Wichita State - 7pm at Fertitta Center or on CBS Sports Network (W 79-70)

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I swear I saw GRJr do the “inbounds off the opponents back” trick last night but nobody around me noticed. We’re seated low at the other end so maybe my eyes were playing tricks on me.


That is exactly what happened first time I’ve ever seen that to inbound ball

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One of us sat last night just to imitate Coach Sampson before throwing off the tie. Other than that, yeah it’s a standing section.

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There was a group across from the WSU bench that didn’t seem to want to stand. Guessing they may have been the complainers.

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I observed this last night and CKS mentioned it in his presser. We completely changed our half court offensive philosophy last night. We usually hold the ball and work it around for a good shot with 5 seconds or so on the shot clock. WSU was having none of that and it wasn’t working so he told Galen to hurry it down the court every time and just create as a pass-first PG. It worked. I wonder if we’ll see this more against other well-coached teams that have plenty of tape and experience with us.


I got to say that I never understood the standing for the entire game business. First, it is very “A&Mish”. Second, you have a prefectly good seat. Why put in seats at all if you are going to stand.

Believe it or not, although I am a natural complainer, I would not complain about it if I were a student because sometimes you just got to go with the crowd for the purposes of unity.

If you are 20 something go ahead and stand.


I was waiting for the TV replay of that. Announcers and TV crew apparently missed it too. 13 minute mark of 2nd half


Watched it on the replay when I got home just to confirm what I thought I had seen. Beyond just the brilliance of the play itself, the speed with which Galen got down court and assisted on the 3 pointer was amazing. I saw a clip on twitter earlier today, if I can find it again I will post it.

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For starters get the phones in the pocket and watch whats going on. Half of the people on the floor Saturday each time I looked over were on their phones.

Start with something easy. Drum up something when the opposing team shoots free throws and go from there. Something noisy.

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We should do what Georgetown did last year. “Actual Reality”


My wife and I purchased single game tickets for 6 games. The WSU game seemed to last longer than the first 2 games we attended. Is 26 fouls on WSU and 21 on U of H more than usual? It just seemed there were more fouls whistled and this prolonged the game.

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After the dunk, Sampson and Marshall made eye contact and he mouthed “that’s goal tending”. I think both were frustrated with some of the calls [as usual].

And, if you think the refs made bad calls, pull up the San Fran-Gonzaga game from Saturday night [available on WatchESPN] and watch the missed call around 1 min left in the game. It almost matches the Durant out of bounds save vs. the Rockets.

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Not sure which other games you attended, but TV games tend to last about 15 to 20 minutes longer.

The TV networks want shorter games, but then extend games with longer TO’s for commercial programming.

I for one, believe that college FB games will ultimately have 12 minute quarters at the insistence of the networks.

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A little off topic but the two games in Houston I have seen him he really gets on his guys and in their face. I am on the fence if it is tough love or just tough to be the tough guy. His success is pretty impressive so hard to argue Wins and Losses. It will be interesting to follow that program now that they are in the AAC.

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LSU game was worse as there were even more fouls called. Some guys just love hearing the whistle and others will let it go. Wish there was some consistency to college refs.

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I thought the San Fran coach’s head was going to explode. That was the worst call, but Gonzaga got a bunch of other calls down the stretch that were only marginally less awful.

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That’s all we can hope for in today’s officiating world