Gameday thread: Texas Tech at Houston

(Eric Prado) #1

Too soon? Nah.

Do we remain undefeated against Power 5 teams? (Interesting stat: this is only the third home game of this streak. 3 were played on neutral sites, 2 away, 2 home. )

Do we protect the cage and remain undefeated at home?

  • Houston
  • Texas Tech

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(Patrick) #2

Got a good feeling about this one.

(Tom) #3

Coogs win if they win turnovers battle and limit penalties yards . Hope the good guys come out on top


It’s going to be a great day to go 1-0.

(PortlandCoog) #5

Just win COOGS! So excited, can’t sleep! GO COOGS!

(Eric) #6

lets GOOOO!

(shharper01) #7

What’s the tailgate crowd like?

(Eric Prado) #8

The east side tents were packed

(Eric Prado) #9

Rodgers is lined up with the starting OL if anyone was still concerned with his status

(shharper01) #10

That’s a very good sign. What about D’Eriq King?

(Eric Prado) #11

I see him working out with the QBs

(Eric Prado) #12

Stadium is empty 30 minutes out. Student section is less than half full

(Cougarpad) #13

I don’t have any pics but I have to say have some cute Cougar Dolls this year! Watch out UT!

(shharper01) #14

We aren’t an early arriving crowd. Maybe because vast majority live in Houston area and have less error in arrival time.

(Eric Prado) #15

Yea I can see from my seat that the north west entrance lines are packed

(Jimmy Morris) #16

Well that is my first prediction of the day coming true. Now hopefully my prediction of the defense allowing less than 30 points makes me 2 for 2.


Looks on TV like Tech’s “black out” didn’t work too well.


Right to the defender. Awful throw.

(Jimmy Morris) #19

Perfectly example of not just looking at the final box score to evaluate the defense. Those 3 points are on Kyle Allen, the defense did a great job making sure it wasn’t 7 points.


Defense is playing a strategically sound game so far. Taking away the medium stuff, closing down on the short routes. That’s about how we’ll have to win this.