GAMEDAY Thread: UH @ Temple CBSSN 6:00 PM CST (W 78-74)

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I like the Coog games “under the radar” in January…

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Unfortunately probably can’t watch this one though since it’s in cbs sports :confused:

Line is creeping to 2.5. Might start seeing some 3’s popping up before the game starts.

Damn. Cnssn. No replay.

They have some really good upperclassmen. But I think this particular game in Philly is won by a coach.

I really like Aaron Mckie, but honestly I bet Sampson’s got something up his sleeve for this game after last years debacle. And Mckie is a first year coach. He won’t see it coming.

Coogs by 20.

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Temple has strong guard play. I think this will be a close game.

I don’t think it’ll be close… Temple regularly gave us trouble in the past becuase we had a weakness vs taller guards (and temple has tall guards) … that isn’t a weakness of this current team

Temple has poor big play, with big guards that like to pressure D and good drivers …but the guards are dreadful shooters…
The only way this game is close is if Temples 25% 3pt shooting guards have an abnormal good game

Temple is a poor matchup for us …temples strength is pressure man to man D… we are really good in man to man …the rely on post points and we double everyone in the post …

They are similar to South Carolina


At some point we are going to shoot the ball well and beat a good team by a lot. Frankly we’re due for a couple of those in conference play.

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Hopefully he takes the tie off before he even comes out of the locker room!!! :wink:

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Try this site

Looks like Rothstein will be on the call tonight…which means, if he has any direct access to CKS, expect tons of good UH morsels over the next week or so from him.

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Major swing game and a chance for Coogs to beef the resume once more…I expect it to be close and in the 60s.

The sims have it at a 69-65 average score in Coogs’ favor, with the good guys guys taking a solid 62% of 1,037 random sims.

Almost a third of them (28%) have it as a close game (5 points or less).

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“Smart money” coming in late (as usual)…and bumping the -2.5 to -3 across the board.

Houston plus 3 on ESPN, but their matchup predictor is giving us only a 43.2% chance of winning.

Perfect will give it a shot. Hopefully I can cast it from my iPad to my tv

Edit - gotta create an account, I’m not about that life.

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Only took 49 seconds to get the first phantom foul on Houston.