“Get off my lawn”

((ㆆ _ ㆆ)) #81

Yup, I’m not surprised. I have friends that have issues and others that don’t.

I thought about this today…I was able to text one of my boys, who was in New York at the time, with game pix from Aloha Stadium…but at the Arizona game, I couldn’t get a text thru to my other son who I was practically able to see as he was across the way in the second deck. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

But as I alluded to in an earlier response…gimme my back my St. Arnold’s kiosk and I’d be good! :smile:

(gpropes) #82

My wi-fi connection in 131 is usually nice and strong. It helps when there’s only 20,000 people in the stadium.

(James Nicas) #83

This year’s football marketing director was “Clutch” from the Rockets for years. All he knows is an NBA environment. Expect more professional gimmicks like that hot dog eating “contest”. I’m sure next game Shasta will be walking with a birthday cake, “accidentally” fall and have the cake go in the face of the “South Florida fan”.

(Jimmy Morris) #84

So the pattern continues. Wifi working better at the 100s. Next time I’m in the 300’s, I’m going to connect at the 100’s and check the connection as I reach each level.

(Cougarpad) #85

I don’t mind if the UH mascots adopt some of the Clutch stuff. He is one of the most recognizable and best mascots in sports. Shasta could use some more material then just push ups during TDs. I do think it is important to not diminish the band during games. In the 300s you can’t even here the DJ by the way. When the band is playing they are well heard up there. It is all about finding a good medium between modern sports entertainment and the band playing their stuff. If they are going to play music, I wish they will mix the genres up. Pregame the music being played is majority rap and hip-hop, and in my opinion, it is not even the good kind.

(WRB) #86

Just need to have some balance between the band and the other music.


I went to the Alabama / Missouri game yesterday and they mix up Rock/Rap/C&W very well.
The standard AC/DC, Metallica, Ozzy, Skynyrd, The Killers withAlabama, Garth with Beyoncé, Kayne and some other stuff I wasn’t familiar with.
Of course their band was also featured and like most things I have found about UA, they are very well organized