Getting tired of the Navy game being an example of Orlando's defense

Stewart 7-0, Adams 6-5. McDonald 6-4, Roberts 6-1, Malveaux 5-1, Hightower 2-3

That’s a list of every player on the 2015 squad that had a total of 4 or more tackles plus assists against Navy.

For 2016, not only were we missing Stewart,McDonald and Hightower but we were missing our top two tacklers that were filling in their shoes Bowser and Taylor for that game.

Still shouldn’t allow 46 points right? The defense didn’t allow close to 46 points. Not only did Navy get a pick 6, but they also had a kickoff return that was returned to the 12. Then of course you have the safety and the onside kick inside our own territory. That is 19 points that was scored off of a total of 19 yards allowed by the defense.

It is not far fetched to say, that the defense did a better job in 2016 than 2015 but the special teams and offense dropped off. In 2015 they had 459 yards in total offense, we had 555 yards and no turnovers. In 2016 they had 382 yards in total offense, we had 484 yards and 3 turnovers.

Between the turnovers, long kick return, safety, failed onside kick and lack of defensive personnel with experience against Navy, it’s safe to say that Orlando’s game plan was not the reason Navy put up 46 points.



Perhaps you’d prefer the last 2 Memphis games?? we gave up close to 80 to them also and never REMOTELY stopped them in either game…
The point being, with coach Orlando,like most coaches, you take the bad along with the good…
STOP acting like we lined up and shut the door on everyone we played, because we didnt…

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Do I need to do another rant on that? Are you one of those guys that looks at the final score and thinks if the opposition has 30 points the defense must have sucked?

The 2015 game, the offense had 24 yards and 2 turnovers in their first 6 drives. We were lucky to be down only 20 to 7 after the first half.

The 2016 game it was pretty obvious that the players knew all the rumors were true. It was painfully obvious to most of us. Not you apparently.

I guess what the defense did to FSU, Louisville and Oklahoma were just us playing with more talented players. lol

How did Louisville happen?

Starting with the Navy game, we beat the point spread once.

Navy -18 vs spread
Tulsa -14
SMU -47
UCF -14
Tulane -15
Memphis -4
SDSU -27

Generally the defense did well – especially when the offense was not turning the ball over and actually doing well also. On the other hand, we had some problems on both sides of the ball and should not have lost to the teams we did. It was baffling and I can only ascribe it to CTH and his weekly drama. There were just too many distractions.

Regardless, the guy is gone and generally did well for us when he was here. I would like to say I wish him well; but, I cannot lie – I hope his defense gives up 70 points a game and UT loses every game by 100. Yes, that would mean the offense and special teams would have to serve up 30 points of interception returns, punt returns, kickoff returns, fumble returns, and safeties per game. That works for me.


I’d take a continuation of Orlando’s D in a heartbeat!

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I will be the devil’s advocate on this. It is fair to ask. Please, take your emotions out of it. Again, I thought Coach Orlando did very well but did he?

  1. We struggled against the same AAC opponents in its two seasons. Keep in mind that every program has injuries.
  2. Why did we play so well against OU and Louisville and so bad against others?
  3. Did we have a dominating defense?

Alabama, Denver, NE, Seattle remind everyone that great defenses win Championships. That is all I am asking for. A dominating defense with a great offense. That will bring us to the top. Records tell us who we really are. A one defeat season was a great accomplishment but we did lose against UConn. In the past few years Utah and Boise State finished undefeated. We did not. A four defeats season tells us that we had a fair season. Five defeats in two seasons is cth and Orlando’s record. Is that great? No it is not.
To get to the next level we need to be better and more consistent.

The big picture on Orlando says the guy is really good, in my opinion. The games against Louisville, Ou, and F.S.U were brilliant game plans. If we want to keep ripping on Navy, let’s point to the fact that the year before we did a great job against them and that was with a better quarterback. Like someone said, he is gone. Major knows a bunch more about the new DC than us. He has talked to him, knows their plan for the future, and we are in good hands, I choose to believe. Every situation and every team is different. He had some good years and some not so good years. That can be said about every coach, including Saban. (The dolphins). I’m excited moving forward.

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I pointed this out on another thread and people still don’t get it.

They keep saying how the D was bad but the fail to realize the offense put them in that situation time and time again. I pointed out the 19 points against Navy because of turnovers, 14 point swing against both Memphis AND SMU because of turnovers, and included the 7 or 8 3 and outs we had against SMU.

I guess the Bowl loss is all the D’s fault as well.

When you turn over the ball A LOT, pick sixes, and constantly put your team on the field with 3 and outs you are not going to have a defense that can last, look good, or help win.

I am with you, this is not even a question. When our offense protected the ball, moved the ball, and had time of possession our defense looked STELLAR. The stats and FACTS are there.

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