Give Dana some credit

Look I’m not the biggest Dana fan, but I have to give credit when credit is due. He has done a damn good job recruiting the last 3 classes, especially considering how bad our record has been(which could be his fault, but this is a positive post so we aren’t going to talk about that right now lol). Now I know it’s not a whole bunch of 4 and 5 stars but considering the circumstance, getting guys like:

Damarion Williams
Oliver Charles
Patrick Paul
D’Anthony Jones
Nathaniel Dell
Malik Robinson
CJ Guidry
Mark Wilson
Alton McCaskill

Then getting transfer like:

Marcus Jones
Kam Scott
KeSean Carter
Tank Jenkins
Kyle Porter

I believe he’s actually done a solid good job adding talent and building up this team. With big hits from JUCO guys, transfers, and high school players. If we can keep adding talent like this I think we will be competing for AAC championships soon. But again this is me assuming Maddox is going to be legit, because we only going as far as our QB takes us. I never really saw this team as having a whole bunch of holes to fill, more so a team with very inconsistent QB play and a QB that can only beat bad teams. With the talent we keep adding, and hopefully we keep developing well(which I think we have, a lot of players were way better this year than last), if we can get above average QB play, we can really turn this thing around next year with our easy schedule, a lot like smu did 2 years ago. Get that losing name off our backs and the recruits will start really coming in, kids love to play for the city!


What happened with Paul? That ended up being a huge loss.

There is no excuse why UH shouldn’t win big in 2021. Can’t wait for the Tech game.

I think he was injured for most of the season.


Season ending injury

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Good post, Kmoney…We were headed in a seriously bad direction, talent wise, when CDH took over. He has improved the situation a lot, particularly on defense…And we have some really fine HS talent on offense coming aboard next fall…This recruiting class is only half done…It is ridiculous to even worry about our ranking until we are finished…We are off to a very good start. If we can maintain it, this will be a very good class.


Seasons ending Injury… yes he was a huge loss

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Dana will get some damn credit when he wins more than 4 games.


Way to go Dana!

You’re the best!!

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