Gloating and Respect

(PortlandCoog) #1

I am seeing some gloating and baiting on here, but it’s really bad on facebook… fans literally making fun of other coogs opposed to the Briles hire. Folks on Coogfans, I am pleading with you to not do this. Please respect those who disagree with you. Whether you like it or not, disagree or wherever you are at…this is a controversial and divisive hire. It’s deeply offensive to a significant portion of people.

Making fun of fellow Coogs, gloating, saying you’ll take their season tickets and baiting those who are opposed is deeply divisive and damaging… and unnecessary.

If you’re happy about the hire, great… you can be happy and hopeful without tearing down fellow Coogs. And try to understand why people are so opposed.


Welcome to Thunderdome!..:smiling_imp:

(Brad) #3

The people on their high horses have one quote from KB about white women. That’s it. They need to get over themselves and think about this from a logical perspective. They are letting their emotions get the best of them and have no facts against Briles to support their irrational behavior. They are the ones who should be called out for publicly demeaning our school and our administration - who have done their due diligence with regard to this hire. Two wrongs don’t make a right so let’s not start placing blame on those who are not responding well to posters that are acting irrationally and disparaging our school…


How about we just skip the whole blame thing?

(PortlandCoog) #5

Qwan, I know you are a great Coog who supports the program thick or thin. Your response is kinda what I am talking about. People’s concerns are legitimate. When you go into attack mode and basically call people who are concerned “wrong”, and minimize their concern… it doesn’t create understanding… it polarizes.

You can be for this hire and not attack those who oppose it.