Go Pirates!

Arrrg! Sink Navy!

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Boom, 7-0 ECU early

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Navy comes right back, 7-7

Navy scored at will.

neither team seems to be able to stop the other

TD ECU! 13-7 PAT Pending

ECU TD right back, 14-7 Pirates.

D is definitely optional this game.

Kinda makes me sad watching how easily ECU is scoring. Granted Navy is missing a lot of line backers…

I just cant help thinking “why couldn’t we do this?”

Oh well… GO ECU!

We did put 40 on them and went for 484 yards. Just turned the ball over too much.

Hurricane didn’t help.

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Not being able to run really hurts in wet weather when passing/catching becomes tougher.

ECU up by 10. 17-7. Go Pirates!

2 score lead…navy is not built as a come back team…keep it up ecu!

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ECU defense… come on.


The ECU Receivers are dropping everything.

And now it’s raining…


ECU Defense sucks. 17-21 Navy

28-17 now.

About to be 35-17 Navy. ECU sucks.

31-17 Navy.

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