GoCoogs.com Tulsa coverage

(Dan) #21

Good stuff as always Ryan. That defense plays per game stat is just depressing. So is D’Eriq’s completion percentage with all the drops this year. But hey 4-1 with room for improvement is a good place to be.

Before halftime I’m surprised CKB didn’t publicly lobby CMA for a timeout there. Could have been an interesting moment.

(Cristian) #22

Okay, im gonna say it. Its not a big deal.

As someone whos in between young and old the DJ is a fresh experience on game day. Ill ask some Questions. What makes us different from other universities? How do we one up them or make our thing better? What makes peoples game day experience at Texans games different from UH (and they’re the same down to the old Houston Cougars chant). Even the running burger suit and sumo wrestler things are the same.

Everyone and i mean EVERYONE who has tradition has a thing. Clemson and their rock hill entrance. Penn and white out. Aggies and their yell. FSU and their annoying war chant thing. Iowa started a Salute last year or the year before it seems like its old. Most of those are things that they started long ago and im sure people were saying “why do this when you can just watch the game and yell to the players”.

I know im going to get backlash but we dont have traditions that you can ask the whole school what a certain one means and everyone will know what you are talking about like other schools grind into freshman students heads. Our students dont even know our school song. (Im wondering what we are gonna do for basketball because when i went to the games years ago the spongebob chant didnt cut it for me). We are hoping to adopt some traditions in a city where what matters is whats different and entertaining.

We tried the previous ways for a good amount of years and it hasnt caught on based on attendance. Nows the time to try something new and keep what works from the classics. Pez has done a fine job so far. He even brought back the RV zone and introduced the red zone. The least we can do is give it a couple of years chance and see where it takes us after adapting to it band included (and i played in band for a couple of years so i should be biased). Other than in my opinion nothings really changed.

Maybe get the RA’s from all floors to get everyone to meet to practice chants. Or put an incentive. Shirts use to work right? idk if i was back in college what would make me want to go to the games if it was my first time and i wanted to have fun. The group collective, the reward, whats going to make me stay. Especially in the heat or the night before an exam. Atleast they’re trying, complain if they werent and people werent coming and we were down to 20k a game.

sorry. off my box. i know its been discussed…

(Gerald) #23

Ryan, I have read your posts for years. I know you are not a “rah rah polly”, but for a site called gocoogs you could occasionally post a “pro” Coogs article…

(Ryan) #24

Uhhh, what?

You mean like this? Posted yesterday?

Or the two photo galleries posted today?

Or this from Sunday?

Or this from Thursday?

Maybe this posted Wednesday?

Everyone gets an opinion, of course. I was critical of some of the things we saw in the first 3 quarters against Tulsa. And the gameday experience. I don’t think those are minority opinions. But if you don’t think we write positive things then we can just agree to disagree.


Evidently your positivity isn’t sufficient for some but I appreciate your objectivity as I too see many many pluses about our University but recognize we have stuff to work on as well. My short time on here suggests that positivity not objectivity is expected but i admire the true Coog fan willing to call them as his sees them without fear of retribution. Good on ya!

(Ryan) #26

Thanks for reading.

(morris williams) #27

Good job Ryan…

obtw, Gerald did you ride the train from Palm to the game Thursday?

(Gerald) #28

Yes. I did.

(PMM) #29

I don’t agree that the offense is boring.

I do agree that the “go fast” is detrimental…especially on short yardage plays. Clearly the QB has no options in those cases.

I think the Defensive style is boring although improved in the Tulsa game, most likely because they had no fast WR’s.

(Ben) #30

My SO and I also rode the train from Palm Center to the game . . . . .

(morris williams) #31

i thought i recognized you…it’s been a while, good to see u.

(WRB) #32

Absolutely agree with this. We are good enough on offense to get a good play called and execute that play w/o the need for an attempt to catch the other team before they are ready.


But do we ever run hurry up and keep the back in who wants to come out?

(Larry) #34

We need to have a Palm Center tailgate mixer so we can meet everyone who rides.

(David) #35

I have seen a RB tap his helmet and want to come out but Briles kept him in. Tulsa was the first team to do so when the RB was hobbled AND they handed it to him needing 1 yard…

(John m Bevil) #36

Stop making excuses, attendance at UH is a grind in all sports, and probably always will be.
We thought the new stadium or being ranked or the #1 offense in the country, no, no and no.

Die hard Coog Fan.

(Dan) #37

One of the most boneheaded sequences of football I have ever seen. We talk about our coaching, sheesh that was bad. Oh they must be keeping that poor hobbled kid in as a decoy, nope.