Good Interview of Applewhite

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Wow! Unless I just spaced out for a minute, he didn’t even mention D’Eriq King in the QB battle. That surprises me a bit to be honest.

This may have been recorded during the AAC media day? So that would be almost a month ago. I could be wrong though.


Ah, that would make a little more sense.

It was recorded then. Go to the AAC site and they have one-on-one interviews with all of the head coaches.

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From what I heard King is very much in the hunt. However, his height is a limiter.

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Heard something similar. King is impressing so far.

I’ve said it somewhere else on here, but I think Postma is too valuable as a WR to be holding a clipboard on the sidelines all year. Same can be said for King. I hope they find a way to get both of those guys in the game if Allen is going to be the starter.


This was preseason; but, CMA has made it pretty clear that King will play at wide receiver except for some packages they put in for him at QB. I really don’t think that will change. I know this is painful for some of you guys who are die-hard King fans; but I think that is the reality of of the situation and I think King understands that also. Guys, King is not Greg Ward 2 and you can’t make him into that. It’s not fair to King and it accomplishes nothing to develop factions.

What is the long term dynamic for King, who knows? But, from what I’ve heard, CMA has been very honest with him and has made him understand the situation. Now, we are in the middle of fall training camp and there is always the possibility that something could change. Joseph was supposed to be the starter and Keenum was supposed to back him up; but Case had the heart to take it over. It is quite possible that King or Postma could unseat Allen through sheer determination. I guess we will see in a couple of weeks.


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