Good to know we're not alone

(Cooglington S. Kongsteen) #1

The Confused 12-3+1 using officiating to protect the higher ranked team:

…in this case it worked

(Patrick) #2

Really think they need 4 refs out there (in college and the pros). Game is too fast for 3.

Most guys just calling what they believe is happening instead of seeing it.

(PMM) #3

I think they should return to 2…33% less whistle blowing !!

(Jerrycoog) #4

It might have be taken more seriously if it was someone besides Huggins bitching about it, because we know his teams get away with a lot of fouls just like Cincinnati does.

(Cooglington S. Kongsteen) #5

True regarding Huggins but the dude produces wins. KU does not win that game if 6 less fouls are called. If the Chump xii-iii+i don’t like WVU’s play they need to let Huggins know BEFORE WVU plays this deep into the season. Huggins and his players want the tourney and a win over KU helps their cause and seeding a bunch.

Clearly, officials changed foul calling for the conference’s prima donna. Good for KU, marginally good for the conference but unfair to the WVU players. WVU could not adjust to please the officials because they continued to call “ticky-tacky” fouls. Even when Officials prevented a KU loss by getting KU “in the bonus” before 10 minutes in the second half (see UH v. UC) which kept KU scoring (ibid. UH v. UC), kept the game close (ibid. UH v. UC) and led to a KU win (don’t see UH v. UC).

WVU/KU is an egregious example of offciating gone wild to protect a conference prima donna. I can only hope it erodes the conference’s cohesion and further dimishes any respect for their conference from the outside. But that’s just me.

(gpropes) #6

The FT disparity was 35-2. That’s just stupid. I don’t blame Huggy Bear one bit for blowing his stack.