Gooooooooo tribe!


I spent more years living in Cleveland than in any other city in which I’ve lived other than Houston. Let’s hope that Cleveland finally breaks its more than half century World Series championship drought. GO TRIBE!!!

Cleveland’s having a really good sports’ year so far…well, other than the Browns. Good luck to them; I prefer them winning over either of the NL teams.

If the Cubs come back and win the NLCS, then it’ll be two of the longest “cursed” MLB franchises battling it out to end their curses.

If that happens, then I hope that Chicago’s curse continues!

OK. So it’s the Tribe and the Cubbies.

Two of the longest “cursed” franchises in the game.

I hope that Chicago continues its curse, and Cleveland ends its own.


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Should be a fun series.

Cubs last WS championship 1908
Indians 1948

Kluber struck out 8 in the first 3 innings; first time ever in World Series history.

Tribe looking good tonight.

Let’s hope that this keeps up!

Tribe got the 1-0 win. Now up 2-1; guarantees the Cubs can’t win in Chicago. Big win

Tribe up 3-1 now; looking really good at this point. Not sure how the Cubs will be able to take 3 in a row with 2 in Cleveland and having to face the Cleveland bullpen.

Back to Cleveland on Tuesday with the Tribe up 3-2. Cubbies win 3-2 tonight to extend the series.

On to a Game 7.

What a game! Davis with the homer to tie it in the 8th.

Extra innings and a rain delay. Crazy!

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