Grad Rates


According to this document, 53% of the 2011 first time freshmen across Texas public universities graduated in six years.

UT and A&M lead the way at 83%.
Then UT-Dallas at 69%.
Then Tech at 59%.

Houston, North Texas and Texas State are all near the state average of 53%.

Every other school is below the state average.

Can’t wait for the day when we pass up Texas Tech.


There is updated graduation data from UH Institutional Research.

UH’s 2012 cohort has a 59.5% six-year graduation rate. Texas Tech’s 2012 cohort has a 60.5% six-year graduation rate.

We have closed the gap with TTU.

(Ryon Adams) #3

That’s encouraging news and is a HUGE improvement over the not so distant past.

This will REALLY help our USNEWS undergrad rankings which use such data as a part of their ranking methodology.

Renu Khator’s policies are increasing selectivity and bringing in students that are more likely to make it through. She’s also building the kind of campus that kids want to stick with and be a part of.


Thanks! Maybe we’ll pass them this year with the 2013 cohort.

UHin4 started in 2014, so hopefully we’ll leave Tech in the dust.

UT-Dallas’ fall 2012 cohort improved to 75%. Wow!

Texas State to 55%. A&M to 82%. UT to 83%.

North Texas not reporting yet.


Don’t know if this is part of anything but have they raised the transfer gpa? It’s terrible imo.


The transfer gpa admissions requirement increased from 2.0 to 2.5 for Fall 2019.


Not enough. Minimum should be 3.0

(VancouverCOOG) #8

2.0 is too low, imo, for the central campus. I would push it up to 2.8 (= 70%) at least. Any way, 2.5 is OK for the next year or two.


Agreed. My understanding is the university is making incremental changes. Moving the transfer requirement from 2.0 to 3.0 may have been too dramatic of a change at once.


The statistics are certainly trending in a positive direction. Looking at the 4 year graduation rate - it’s gone from 25.2% (2011) to 36.3 (2015). That’s a considerable increase in a really short period of time. Extrapolating from the 4 and 5 year grad rate (45-54% in three years), I suspect the 6 year grad rate will exceed 60, if not 61%, for the 2013 crop. Good stuff!

I’m also surprised by the 2.0 GPA transfer minimum. I would have guessed it was at least 2.8 at this juncture.