Grimes learning to ‘punch back’, adopting the Cougars’ culture - The DailyCougar

Good article

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It excites me to no end to think that we haven’t even scratched the surface of how good this team can be.


When Grimes reaches his full potential, he will be a true force. I see him returning for at least one more season.


Grimes said he feels like a freshman learning the Houston culture. I hope it’s not like a freshman that’s one and done.

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Last Sunday I think that this team finally looked like the team they have the talent to be. I’ve also noted an “upping” of confidence from Sasser and Harris. It’s like they’re becoming a really cohesive team that can be very, very dangerous.


Unless he just blows the lid off the rest of this season and at the tourney I would have to think he comes back next year…but like everything else I could be wrong lol…

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We have a young team that lost 3 hosses from last year, and a decent big man. The guys that have taken their spots have around 11 years combined less experience. Grimes, “feeling like a freshman” plays into the team having to find it’s identity as well. Young teams that are well coached get better as the season goes on. That’s what’s happening here. When you “slip” to 19 and 5, something pretty darned good is going on with your program. Here’s to continuing to get better, this season, and in the future.


Well put.

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I love having a “punch you in yo mouth” basketball culture.

As long as it doesn’t lead to punching in the nuts and biting people’s upper thigh during the game.

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