Guess We Helped Rich Rod Lose His Job

(Gregg) #1

Out as Arizona coach… does Sumlin resurface?

(Gregg) #2

There is also some misconduct allegations swirling with him as well.

(Sam) #3

Glad he’s out. We play them early, and I expect them to be good with Tate returning at QB.


Weird time to fire someone. Usually these things are done right after the regular season.

(Monte P Gilliam) #5

surprising…I thought Arizona bounced back well after losing to us, and went 7-5, with some big wins, quite a turn around from the 3-9 the year before…I think they would have been tough next year.

(WRB) #6

They hire a good coach and they will still present a very good challenge.


Wonder if Sumlin would take the job.

(WRB) #8

I think we probably would. Coaches generally want to coach. AZ could win the PAC12 and compete for a spot in the CFP. Not sure if they could do it with this group of players but it a possibility in the future.

(Bill F.) #9

He was the 5th highest paid coach in CFB, not a great record and workplace misconduct allegations, including improper sexual advances being alleged, add it all up, not a big surprise.

(Patrick) #10

With the scrutiny on the basketball program with the recruiting mess, they didn’t feel they could wait any longer. Sumlin would be a perfect fit in Tucson; maybe we’ll see him next year.

Rich Rodriguez was fired as Arizona’s head football coach on Tuesday after a $7.5 million notice of claim was filed with the state’s attorney general’s office alleging that Rodriguez ran a hostile workplace and sexually harassed a former employee.

The UA announced his termination in a press release around 8:30 p.m. University president Robert C. Robbins and athletic director Dave Heeke said they will “honor the separation terms” of Rodriguez’s contract — his buyout is about $6 million.

“While this is a difficult decision, it is the right decision,” they wrote. “And it is a decision that lives up to the core values of the University of Arizona.”

(Patrick) #11

Rich Rod’s response via twitter:

(Matt Jackson) #12

They’ve basically done nothing since Dick Tomey resigned in 2000. Not an easy job by any means in that whatever they do is back page news to the basketball program pretty much all the time. It’s basically what UH would be from an attendance standpoint if UH played in a P5 conference. Not sure if the signed athletes will be let out of their letter of intent if they don’t like the new coach, but there is a CB Christian Young from Foster HS that UH was recruiting heavily that would be a must have. Pearland Dawson’s RB Bam Smith is also signed there.

(Robert Swearengin) #13

He lost 4 of his last 5 games.

Was barely above .500 after 6 seasons.


Wasn’t he a spread guy, at least at Tulane? Is he a guy that would be interested in our OC position?

(Alfred Matthews) #15

If Sumlin gets hired at Arizona our game vs them next season is going to be very interesting. With that said, I saw on their site that they want Applewhite as HC. LOL I’ll pay them to take him.

(Alfred Matthews) #16

I doubt we will have room for either one. We have 1 more spot left in this class with the LB transfer from Miami included. The last target is QB Clayton Tune.

(Patrick) #17

He falls under the same category as Briles right now; until this thing gets cleared up, he won’t be considered.


Per a couple of sources there was already an investigation and he was cleared of the harassment claim. He openly admitted to have an extramarital affair but it was with a different woman. Also the accuser didn’t want to cooperate with the investigation, she wanted to be paid $7.5 million per her claims. He took a polygraph test and passed it. She wouldn’t do anything and so he was essentially acquitted of any “wrongdoing” in relation to her accusations.

(Butch) #19

Maybe she refused to participate in the investigation at the advice or her lawyers?


Possible. To me though that doesn’t make sense. If your lawyers advised that then to me it means she is not credible and they don’t have a solid case.

In my experience, if you are in the right you have nothing to hold back and you go full speed ahead to achieve justice.