Gutless NCAA won't sanction Baylor

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Good deal

Such is life in the Power 5.

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Well, considering most of the sanctions against Penn State were later retracted… I guess this is a more expedient way to get the same result. Hopefully, the Dept. of Education won’t be as easy going.

The NCAA doesn’t take any leadership, even in the BCS era, they let the money driven cartel run collegiate sports. I think the DOE will impose something more serious for title IX violation.

I wonder if they also might have violated the Cleary Act as well.

The NCAA has always been a corrupt organization. Just because the Baylor athletes violated the law doesn’t matter to the NCAA

As Hillary says “what difference does it make?”, the Baylor football program is heading into a swirling abyss. They will be death penalty bad for a few years thanks to leaving the scumball assistant coaches in place.

The NCAA has no had teeth since they imposed the death penalty on SMOO. also since Nebraska and other schools successfully sued the NCAA for being a monopoly, resulting in the NCAA losing its power to distribute television slots.

actually ncaa is looking into recruiting violations by kendall briles…i would assume if they find anything and decide to punish baylor that BU is really in. o position to protest, and actually there may be a back room deal already cooked up…hey we aren’t gone slap up you penn st style but you are gonna let us get you on some recruiting violations…

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The ncaa has no credibility whatsoever. They represent the P5, the cartel.
The very fact that penn state got away with one of the most abject crimes told everyone where it stands.
Baylor is the latest example of what the ncaa represents: a pile of unrecyclable garbage.
Until they get sued, dismantled and replaced by a fair organization representing all sports divisions nothing will change.
It is unbelievable to think that committing the most abject crimes pays you dividend.
Without a doubt penn state and Baylor should have been given the death penalty. The P5 should not be above the law. The ncaa makes them above the law. That is reality and that needs to change.

They tried with Penn State and it got overruled in real court. They don’t think they can police this kind of thing and are trying to stay in their lane.

It’d be nice to use the NCAA as a weapon against Baylor, but a civil case naming them accomplices, plus department of education action, is the proper venue.

We all know this is entire bull crap. The ncaa had every right to give them the death penalty like they do with Baylor. The CLEAR FACT is that they did not try hard enough or wanted to actually penalized them. This is even worse. It is now clearly stated that paterno had known about this for at least ten years and he did not do a damn thing about it.
The ncaa should have and should look at every avenue to give them the death penalty. The ncaa states that they have ethics. THEY HAVE NONE. When you have clear, precise, proven facts/actions the defendant has no chance. I am not a lawyer but in both cases this was clearly a cover up.
Coaches, players, administrators and others are/were employed by their respective Universities. The same Universities should pay the price at both at the civil and at the athletics level.

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