Hawaii Bowl TV ratings

(gpropes) #1

The Hawaii Bowl was the highest-rated show on cable Christmas Eve.

2.1 million viewers and an 0.6 rating.

That’s way up from last year’s game, which drew 1.4 million viewers.

(itcoog) #2

Thanks applewhite

(Dan) #3

This is how street cred dies.


Best Hawaii bowl ratings since 2013 when a Pac 12 team was featured.

(Dan) #5

You know who says bowl games don’t matter? Programs that lose bowl games.

(WRB) #6

This. Every performance has an impact. WIN THEM ALL!!!

(Nathan) #7

This is great news! Bolsters our P5 case even more.

(Patrick) #8

Lot of folks were interested in watching Ed Oliver.

(Patrick) #9

Houston Area Bowl Ratings:

Houston had the 10th highest rated bowl game at 3.0/7, but had the 7th most viewers out of any bowl game. I believe that basically means that we had quite a few people tuning in, but they didn’t watch the entire game (not surprising since it was Christmas Eve).

In regards to viewers, we beat out the Peach Bowl, the Aggies in the Belk Bowl, and the Fiesta Bowl. Only Texas had a better viewer total than us from the state of Texas.

(Chris) #10

These are black and white numbers that advertisers look at. Executives make decisions solely based on metrics. These are not lying. Furthermore I will point out that our support has grown over the last 25 years and keeps growing. Even in bad to mediocre season we are still able to attract that much audience. I frankly was very surprised by this data. It is no coincidence that espn had us play in this bowl game. We talked about espn not wanting to expand the small12. These numbers along with our previous numbers clearly show that espn and Foxsports would financially gain from having us in the small12. So why would you not want to expand with a U of H (7th to 10th media market) and say a Temple (4th media market) The decision not to expand does not financially add up. Keep in mind that we were willing to “take a pay cut” It is very convenient for some Universities saying that espn & Foxsports were against it. These same universities got more money but kept their recruiting turf. How convenient I might add.


ESPN is paying for hamburger and receiving filet mignon.

If it ain’t broke…