Healthy Joe Davis should give UH lineup extra punch

(Patrick) #1

“He was beat up all year but still hit (.299) with eight home runs,” said coach Todd Whitting, whose Cougars open the season Friday against Holy Cross at Schroeder Park. “That’s a pretty good year for most guys. But for Joe, he feels like he underachieved a little bit.”

Davis, a junior from Austin, never got on track after suffering the wrist injury just before the start of the season. The injury to the triangular fibrocartilage - located on the ulnar half of his right wrist - severely hampered the top hand on his swing. Adding to the frustration was a right ankle injury later in the season. Even so, Davis played in all but two of the team’s 61 games at first base or designated hitter, finishing second with 46 RBIs.


Should be a big year for Joe.