Here's something you're really going to like! - 2018 Training Camp - Practice #9



Getting hyped…let’s gooo! Go Coogs!

(Dan) #3

Great synopsis. No redshirt for JuJu Williams this guy is going to tear it up in Briles offense. IJ is going to the NFL.


So, it’s sounding more and more like Kadarian Smith is going to be starting at the corner opposite Isaiah Johnson. I assumed it would be Nick Watkins based on what he was able to do at Notre Dame and our lack of experience at that position. Good for Kadarian.

(Cristian) #5

These summaries are great. Question though why no mention of Deontay Anderson. No one has talked about him during practice or scrimmage.

(Charles) #6

Does this mean that we have better players than are given credit for if they’re holding off these touted transfers?


Yep. Some guys are late bloomers, others just get hungry. Either way, our depth is looking better and better especially at LB.


I heard the polly train whistle blowing in the background for the non-fans. Get on board now, don’t miss the excitement for 2018.


Polly Train VP here…all aboard!!!


Where’s Davey Crockett? He will be out with a derail.

(John Simpson) #11

He came onto this board with a different handle. “Paw” -something.

(Brad) #12

I think Anderson didn’t play football for a year and is probably rusty and/or not in football shape. The transfers may take some time, especially the summer transfers.

(CoogNation_14) #13

The IPF looks sweet in the Background! Whoose House!!!?

(PortlandCoog) #14

Davy seemed to be offended at some of the responses on this board and has never returned.

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(Patrick) #16

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I’m the polly prez…and I approve this string!



Miss Davy and his Gus Bus…


Good for us too. If he can be a good corner, that adds more depth going into next season with being a senior and his 3rd year in the system. Hopefully Watkins could land a spot and we will have at least two returning starters next season for CB.