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There’s about a 1000% chance that Art is helping Kendal behind the scenes.

Just like he did at Florida Atlantic last year.


I don’t have a problem with art coming to a game his son coached and how he lef tUH, herman gets prize for worst leaving with how he yanked the players around that he wasn’t.

I do have a big problem with art being there considering what happened at Baylor but I’m sure he wasn’t the only one in the stands with moral issues in his past, he’s just the one the football world knows about.

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The guy on the right is Gary McGuire, the former UH LB, all-time leading tackler and team captain in 1987. He played on former UH head coach Jack Pardee’s (and Jenkins’) first UH team. [That’s the team that beat UT 60-40 in the Astrodome in 1987 after finally shifting the Run & Shoot into high gear. Then during the next three years, we finished #18 In '88 , #14 in '89 and #10 in '90.]

Personally I’m happy to see both John Jenkins and Art Briles at UH. Glad to see they both continue to support the program - and glad they both got to see Scumlin get his arse handed to him. Good times.


Well said SCCoog33 ! I did not like how CAB left UH ,he took the ace running back with him too! However,let’s grow up and quite whining about that and sumlin and move on . Even JJ Watt said to UH to stop crying about coaches that move on !
I absolutely agree that CAB was the scapegoat through that whole mess . BU cleaned house except for the BOR who are still there in the swamp . Things are not going to change at Baylor ; they will only lay low for a while ! Go Coogs …beat tt !


Wonder if Jenkins has a flip phone to go with that camera?

PS-love it when he comes around!


So Jenkins, Briles, and Sumlin all came back to see how good UH is doing since they left!


We’ll debate the other stuff forever and all have our own opinions. I’d just like to say Thank You to all 3 for your contributions to the program and thanks for supporting UH. Go Coogs


He is only imo our best single season Coach ever and in a P5. Mr. John Jenkins look him up.

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I know who Jenkins is and his history. Been here a long time. Just did not recognize him, but I would not recognize 80% of our more recent players/coaches if I saw them on the street.

Briefly chatted with Coach Jenkins yesterday – as outgoing as ever – told a story about playing in the 'Dome:

He said he’d "look at the UT & A&M players when they first got inside the 'Dome and he saw a ‘something bad is gonna happen to us in here’ look in their eyes and they were right!"

My eyes are still recovering from the sparkle off those boots!

(photo by @itcoog via twitter)

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4 former head coaches in 1 building lol


That is awesome. I wish he could be part of our athletic department again.

I have no problem with that. :grin:

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JJ was my favorite UH coach after BY. Someone posted a link last week to the ATM game in the Dome where we made the big comeback, and he seemed to be the most composed person on the field. I have to admit I didn’t recognize him at first glance in the picture (thought it might be the reincarnation of Marvin Zindler, or something.) JJ has always been a supporter of the program, even though he got what I thought was a bum rap when he was let go.

As for AB, some of you need to get over it. Try this: Forgive and/or forget. As I get older, the latter is getting easier.


You want maximum returns on yer dollar. Try both Briles at once! Plus Jenkins and
Yeoman. This Tech game is really a big one.


John always has been and will always a Cougar. Love this guy’s style …all his own ! Go Coogs …beat tt!


Yea ffhouston he has been mine to. What an innovator in Football and STYLE. What did Pezman say "he was going to have to bring his game up with Coach Jenkins around " Good luck with that. You know there are just certain people that can wear what they want no matter how eccentric it is and make it look good. LOL

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JJ is always “stylin.”

I really need a red jacket. Don’t know if i could pull the look off though

Jugular John IS Coog Royalty


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