Highest Paid College Football Coaches

Of interest is Number 34 and Number 7. The buyouts for many are obscene.

Surprisingly, Saban is not #1.

He’s the past not the future LOL!

Charlie Strong got $5 million last year from USF? Hard to believe that’s right.

UT was footing that bill except for 400k. Absolutely nuts the money they throw out the window. Since Hermo is about to get canned looks like they’ll be paying two coaches in a row to not coach and lose about 30 million + in the process.

Hope LSU smashes him. Might go to that one actually

That probably includes buyout money. I also think part of his contract was backloaded to screw over UT because he of his buyout the first couple of years at USF.

With a $60,700,000.00 buyout, I don’t see aTm firing Jimbo any time soon. It makes Hemroid’s $20.4 million buyout look like a bargain.


There are multiple reasons why they are not number one academically despite the money that flows
in to teach rich kids.

Mike - And what is so crazy if Jimbo leaves on his own there is no buyout money owed to the Gaggies. Now that was real smart on their part. I guess the Farmers were thinking there is not another program willing to pay $7.5 million+ per year.

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That figure is insane. 60 million buyout.

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That Jimbo number is astronomical.

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