Holy Baseball Diamond Batman! Kyle Postma tries out for the SKEETERS LEAGUE!


I think Tracy MacGrady and Andre the Giant also played for the Skeeters in the past. The first guy I’m pretty sure about, a little fuzzy on the second. :wink:

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It appears that the Atlantic League is on a COVID-19 hiatus, so to make up for its absence, the Skeeters are hosting a four team league of major, minor, and independent league castoffs.

Greg Swindell, Roger Clemens, and Clemens’ son will manage three of the teams.

Skeeters Manager Pete Incaviglia will manage the fourth; all will apparently play at Constellation.

It’s designed, as far as I can tell, to keep minor league players up to skill, given that minor leagues have almost across the board shut down this summer.

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Andre the Giant passed in 1993. The Skeeters were founded in 2010.

Allegedly…I haven’t personally seen absolute proof that he is dead.


Hey self, I think we should investigate the possibility that he’s on the underside of the flat Earth.

Yeah, good point. I agree that’s possible.


He did tend to blend in. So…you never know.


Self reply = 5 stars
I miss the star system


me too


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Excuse me, but I was having a PRIVATE conversation. Butt out.


I was there the night Tracy McGrady started his first game with the Skeeters. He went a couple of innings. We went with a coworker who lives in the subdivision next to the stadium. She didnt know who McGrady was(not an NBA fan). He quit after the all star break. Riding SW Airlines instead of charters didnt appeal to him I guess.

Andre was great. One of the best pro wrestler switch hitters ever.

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Andre The Giant was a feature story on 60 Minutes about a decade ago…he was at a French bistro and asked for the menu. The waiter said, you have it in your hands. Andre replied “I know. Bring me the menu.” Meaning, bring him EVERYTHING on the menu…:smiley:

“The Greatest Drunk On Earth”


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