Homecoming unis?

We usually have some sort of alternate uniform for Homecoming, but I haven’t heard anything about this year. What’s the scoop? I know we can’t auction off the gray unis we wore against UConn because they had names on the back, so that would imply that we’re unveiling something new…

also, speaking of homecoming, I heard a rumor after the OU game that we’re honoring the 2006 C-USA champion team and that their coach will be part of that honoring – any truth to this? Because oh dear god i hope there isn’t

I think we are honoring the 2006 team at the Louisville game, but it might be the Tulane game. And I doubt Briles, or any of his coaches, are invited back for that one. I’m with you: god I hope not.

No idea on the homecoming jersey. We didn’t sell the UCONN jerseys because the coaching staff bought them instead of UHAA. CTH said in an interview that he didn’t like what the UHAA was proposing for the jerseys so he stepped in and took action.

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