Hope it works out for USF like it did for us

This kid sounds like Kyle Allen. Perfect high school QB that just could not grip it right in college.

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Idk his story, but let’s hope he struggles mightily while he’s in the AAC. lol

Wouldn’t make more sense for us to hope he is great in every game but against us? If we want to be in a conference with a bunch of struggling programs, we could always go back to C-USA.


I agree. I want USF undefeated when they come here. Good victory for us when we beat them. Great for the conference because it would attract TV eyeballs if we were both undefeated.


Hear are his stats for 2016 and 2017. Looks like he does’t move well since he was sacked 4 times in 2016 in VERY limited action.

Wow! He has 259 career passing yards and 20% of that (52 yds) came on 1 play?

Maybe Strong has switched to the Power-I like Rice or something.

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