Houston AD: Potential Power Five football opponents see UH as "too formidable"

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A few years ago Yurachek said the preference would be to not schedule any opponents from Football Championship Subdivision. The Cougars have maintained that course, only adding Texas Southern in 2018 as part of an agreement to use its basketball arena while the Fertitta Center is under construction. UH has upcoming games against Rice, UTSA and North Texas from Conference USA and Georgia Southern (Sun Belt).

That answers that

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Editor’s note: Not able to schedule “fellow P6 programs.”

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If I want a game in Houston, why would I play UH instead of Rice? Now if I was a school losing recruits to UH, I would definitely play UH.

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It seems to me that most P5 schools don’t want a difficult win or a potential loss. THis has been going on for a few years and it is probably getting worse.since the media is aligned with the P5. A good example is the massive coverage of the Longhorns in the local media market. There is no excuse for them to get as much coverage as they do-other than using their influence. I know that Houston has a large number of Longhorn alumni here but that is a weak argument in my view-especially since they refuse to play UH either in Austin or Houston. The Houston media doesn’t cover the San Antonio Spurs.which has quite a large following in Houston because they compete with the Rockets. Same should apply to College sports.A&M gets a bye because of proximity and Alumni but they really shouldn’t be the media belle cow for college sports in Houston


Its the AD’s job to “make things happen”, not make excuses about a “curse”.

(Monte P Gilliam) #7

THAT is COMPLETE BS!!! MWC schools like Boise never have any problems scheduling great NC opponents…HY needs to get off his butt and do the job he is paid to do…

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Gotta call complete B.S. on this statement. Boise State complained a while back about the difficulty of scheduling AQ programs many times. Also we have twice as many games scheduled against P5 programs than Boise State over the next four years.

(Robert) #9

Boise St. P5 OOC games vs UH.

Boise St has 8 P5 OOC games scheduled
2018 Oklahoma St.
2019 Florida St.
2020 Florida St.
2021 Oklahoma St.
2022 Oregon St., Michigan St.
2023 Oregon St., Michigan St.

UH has 10 P5 OOC games scheduled

2018 Arizona St., Texas Tech
2019 Oklahoma, Washington St.
2020 Washington St.
2021 Texas Tech, Vanderbilt
2022 Texas Tech, Kansas
2023 Kansas

UH owns Florida St. and beat them in the Peach Bowl.
UH defeated Oklahoma St when they were #5 at their place.
These teams would rather play Boise St. than UH again.

Memphis has just 6 P5 OOC games between 2018 and 2023.
USF has just 7 P5 OOC games between 2018 and 2023.
UCF has just 7 P5 OOC games between 2018 and 2023.
SMU has just 3 P5 games between 2018 and 2023.
Temple has 12 P5 games between 2018 and 2023.
Temple is historically Rice in FB and only in the last few seasons has been good. Would be interesting to see if Temple continues to be good if some of the P5 games are cancelled.
Cincinnati has 6 P5 games between 2018 and 2023.
Navy plays Notre Dame each year plus military. No P5’s.
ECU plays 11 P5 games between 2018 and 2023 but has many in state P5 games due to the state legislature involvement that encouraged in state P5’s to play them every now and then.
Tulane plays 10 P5 games between 2018 and 2023. Tulane is also like Rice and will be interesting if Tulane improves, how soon will games get cancelled.
Tulsa has 9 P5 games scheduled between 2018 and 2023.
UCONN has 10 P5 games scheduled between 2018 and 2023.

So only ECU and Temple have more P5 OOC games between 2018 and 2023 than UH.

As the AAC continues to be the best G5 conference and defeats the P5 teams each year you will see fewer P5 vs AAC OOC games.

This year Arizona, UCLA, Illinois, and Maryland lost to UH, Memphis, USF and UCF. USF, UCF, and Memphis have fewer P5 OOC games than UH scheduled. These winning programs will all have a hard time scheduling P5’s because these OOC losses hurt the bowl chances of the P5’s.

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(Trent) #11

The media is not in the business of telling you about sports, any more than they are with news, politics, pregnant teenagers, gold diggers, or any of it. They’re in the business of selling advertising, so they’ll try to attract the attention of those who are most likely to give away their money. That isn’t necessarily compatible with running sports with sportsmanship. Taking money out will solve many more problems than will adding more money or redistributing money.

(Bill Goodman) #12

I definitely think that is a cop out of his inability to schedule games. Playing Rice and TSU in the same year or any year does nothing to raise our school. Do your job or move on down the road and let’s get a real AD

(Tom) #13

If he can’t schedule then get an AD who can schedule. I bet there is someone on this board who can do better with less salary.


Fine, get on the phone, call GT and arrange for a game Dec 2 there and a return game in Houston for 2020.

(A.R. ) #15

As a fan and frequent user of analogies - I appreciate your attempt to compare college and pro sports. But there is absolutely no merit in comparing the longhorns and Spurs and their coverage in the Houston market.

curious if your feelings regarding their coverage in he Houston market is based on stats or just perception?

(Drew) #16

At the very least we should schedule teams like Boise State, Colorado state, BYU, etc. Playing teams like Rice, Lamar, and TSU do nothing for this program, and the fans have very little interest in watching the teams play. Besides, there are “formidable “opponents the play against each other every year, and risk losing. This is a total cop out by our A.D.

(Alan Tran) #17

2019 is the season we need to ball out. CFP potential and AAC tv contract expires.

(Ricky ) #18

Any chance we have at getting in the CFP is probably finishing no lower than #10 at the end of 2018. And then going undefeated in 2019

(Ricky ) #19

The respect just isn’t there for group of 5 schools and UCF is finding that out. Especially since they weren’t ranked heading into the year. I was listening to Colin Cowherd and someone asked him what current undefeated teams in FBS have the best chance at staying undefeated, and when someone asked him about UCF he literally said “yeah I don’t care about them”. He made it seem like UCF was some sun belt team that was 1-9

(Mike) #20

I’m a huge proponent of playing both Boise State and BYU. Heck, throw in San Diego State. First of all the head-to-head gives UH the opportunity to possibly eliminate competition for the NY6 bowl. Second, both these teams have a huge national reputation, far more than Texas Tech actually. That helps UH to continue to build its own national brand. The fact we are playing a competitor for the NY6 game also draws media attention. Of course all that presupposes we win these games. Many a fool has fallen prey to Boise over the years.