Houston Allotment of Arizona Tickets Sold Out

If you need tickets:

Houston fans travel???

When did that happen?


Nice. Quite the change from years past. I’m going and hoping my friend with the Wildcat coaching staff comes through with tickets for us. If not, tickets are available thru UA. He said they have this game circled on the calendar most likely because our QB turned them down to go to A$M. He’s from Scottsdale so he should have a large contingent on hand.


Can’t wait. Absent a bowl game, I am likely to travel to 3 games this year which is probably a high (UTSA, AZ, & Tulane). I imagine others will be doing the same.


I kinda shocked at Arizona’s ticket availability. Loads of even 50 yard line seats still left.

Back to UH, from what I’ve read we’ve sold out two allotments @UTSA and @Arizona. Wonder if any of the conference game allotments are getting close to being sold out? Tulane next on the sellout list maybe?

Tulane is always a good travel date and the game being before Thanksgiving probably is going to help the crowd, especially if the team is doing well.

Might have a big crowd at the USF game, especially if both teams are close to undefeated. Tampa in early November would probably be pretty enticing to a lot of folks.

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