Houston Alumni Oral History Project

So, today received a postcard from the UH Alumni Association, signed by Mike Pede. On the address line my full name is listed along with my graduation year.

Says UHAA has “launched a comprehensive alumni data verification project”. There’s a number to call to verify your data and to share an oral story of your experience at UH (paraphrasing). For more info the following webpage is referenced:

Seems cool. Anyone else get this?



Yes, I spoke with them today then found that I could send in $199.00 two times for a sweatshirt, T Shirt and a bag. Can’t afford it right now.

They have my address and graduation year. I don’t think they need anything else.

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Yea, this is like google or Facebook harvesting your info, but UHA just does it upfront. lol.

I am a life Alumnus. They have my address,year and email. I do not want my info published in the directory they are putting together. I would be careful of the personal information you put on the street.
Go Coogs!

NOCoog - I spoke with them also. $399.98 + S&H will get the Hardbound Book, Digital Publication, T-Shirt, Sweatshirt and Travel Bag. Various other packages down to $119.98 + S&H for just the Travel Bag. I wonder how much of the proceeds go to Publishing Concepts (marketing firm doing the survey) versus going to UHAA? .

Good point Cougaren. I think that they won’t share contact info, rather the experience that each alum provides.

Yep. That’s me. I haven’t given my email though and probably won’t.

Glad you guys made the thread, probably wasn’t going to call but this confirms I wont. Have no interest in getting a brick from the quad (never stayed there) and don’t need a sales pitch for sending more money. They mailed me a card and emailed me so seems like they have everything they need. I also keep my profile on the alumni website up to date and I am on the new Coogsconnect website.

Glad to get my questions answered without having to listen to the sales pitch. We got a couple of the cards and emails. If I’m going to kick in more $$ I’d rather just do it directly to CP or the School of Education.

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This is my question as well. I really like transparency.

Just looking as well at
UHAA financial statement I see we have about
$9.4 million as 2020 and about $9.3 in 2019.

729 new life members and 7,600+ “current life members”

Got an email today for an alumni survey. I did that one and got two tickets to a football game for it completing it.

I chose the cougar paw hat.

It was a hard decision. I banking on that hat being up for sale soon.

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