Houston at Temple - 3pm Sunday on CBS Sports (W 80-59)

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(Butch) #2

It will be very interesting to see how the Coogs respond after the big celebration win over the Bearcats.
Temple is a very good team and may have seen its chances of a dance bid go out the window after blowing a 14 halftime lead at WSU.
Temple matches up very well with our Coogs, as evidenced in the game here. On the bright side, we match up well with them also.
Temple will be desperate for a win with hopes of doing well in the AAC tourney. The Owls are not totally out of a post season bid…not at all…

(Patrick) #3

Really depends on which Temple team shows up. Will it be the team that crushed Auburn, beat Clemson at their place, and knocked off Wichita State at home…or will it be the squad that lost 6 of 7 including games to Tulane and Memphis at home.

(Butch) #4

Agreed about Temple, but it remains a big game for the Owls. It would be another feather in our game caps to beat these guys at their place. My concern is that the Owls have been playing very well and we have not played all that great on the road…Go Coogs!

(Randy Randel) #5

Two of the keys to tomorrow’s game will be Galen on Rose, and can Braeon bring the game he had against Temple at home. We need his threat down low in order to keep Galen on the floor. It’s difficult for our wings to get their shots with Galen and Nura on the court at the same time

(Dan) #6

I think Temple played a good game against us at TSU and we played OK, and we still won. I think we win tomorrow but agree this team is scary like Jekyll and Hyde. They could go off in a very important game for them.

(Jerrycoog) #7

This game and the game vs SMU at Moody have me nervous especially if SMU gets some of their injured players back before we play them.

(Nick K) #8

coogs are on a quest now, the win over cinci with the dominating defense should have proved to them what they are really capable of.
they beat a top 5 team and a ref crew determined to keep cinci in the game.
that’s real prep for the conference tourney…also this game with temple will be a march madness type atmosphere away from home…great warm up for the tourney…i think they come in focused and come home with a win.


Cincy vs Wichita is on ESPN during the same time slot.

(Brad) #10

Great planning on comish.

(Alfred Matthews) #11

Even though I dont have no evidence for this but if Brady didnt get hurt I think the game wouldnt have been close. They really did NOT have an answer for him. They probably watched film on him 100+ times the past 2 days so I think they will do a better job containing him. This game will not be easy for us.

(Patrick) #12

Agreed, Brady getting hurt seemed to take the wind out of the Coogs sails. Temple was down big up to that point and made a furious comeback at the end to make it close.

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We back on the bubble ?

(VancouverCOOG) #17

Such a corrupt and biased system.

You will never convince me that a conference can send 9 teams to the tournament; ever (it looks like the ACC might do that this year). If you have taken 9, you might as well take the remaining teams in that conference. What a joke of a system.

(PMM) #18

Again I say that if a team is not AT LEAST 0.500 in their conference, they should not be allowed in the NCAA tournament !!

Say for example ut and a$m !!!

(VancouverCOOG) #19

I fully agree,

That should be rule number one that the selection cttee MUST strictly follow.

(Jimmy Morris) #20

Are people really getting angry because some CBS website blogger thinks the Coogs are a bubble team if they lose today?