Houston at Tulane - Game 2 (L 2-0)

(Patrick) #1

Back in the saddle again. Win 2 today and everyone forgets about Friday:


Radio: https://portal.stretchinternet.com/uh/

Video (need a sub): http://tulanegreenwave.com/watch/?Live=309&type=Live

(Patrick) #2

(Patrick) #3

(Patrick) #4

Whitting says that the Game 3 starter will depend on who they have to throw in the 1st game. Hopefully, Fletcher can go the full 7.

Reminder: the first game is only tabbed to go 7 innings per conference policy.

(Patrick) #5

Top 1st

Coogs down in order

M1…No Score

(Patrick) #6

Bottom 1st

2 out single for the Green Wave, but that’s it

T2…No score

(Patrick) #7

Top 2nd

1 out walk by Bielo and 2 out single by Coldiron put runners on the corners. Coldiron steals 2nd, but the runners are left stranded.

M2…No score

(Patrick) #8

Bottom 2nd

Leadoff single, but Fletcher strands him there

T3…No score

(Patrick) #9

Top 3rd

1 out walk by Hollis and 2 out walk by Lockhart. Wild pitch moves the runners up, but they’re left stranded.

M3…No Score

(Patrick) #10

Bottom 3rd

Fletcher in some trouble after giving up a leadoff single and a 1 out HBP. 2 out single scores a run…Tulane leads 1-0

T4…Tulane leads 1-0

Note: I’ve got to head out so no more updates for now. Hopefully, the Coogs can win this one.

(Patrick) #11

Cooks fall 2-0. Only managed 2 hits. Fletcher went the distance.


Sucks they only play 7 innings

(Butch) #13

No it sucks that this team is just so inconsistent…I do not expect this all to end well…this is as frustrating a season as I can remember…we were picked by some to win the conference and look at us now…Tulane is a mediocre team at best…


Sucks that all the hype had us winning the conference, being ranked and a contender for Omaha!!

(Patrick) #15


Can’t get a read on this team as you can see moments where they look like a good team, and then they have others where they look awful. Hell, they could go on a run the next 3 weeks against a bunch of top 50 competition and it wouldn’t surprise me in the least. It also wouldn’t surprise me if they went in the tank and came out of it with a losing record on the season.

And, even then, they have enough pitching to win the conference tournament and do some damage in the postseason…if they could only get some consistent hitting. Everything’s on the table at this point.