Houston Cougars' diminishing chances to earn a spot in the NCAA Women's Tourney

(Patrick) #1

Basically have to win out and win two games in the AAC tourney. Requires beating USF twice.

IF Houston wins all 9 regular season games, assuming the RPI rankings of Houston’s other opponents do not drastically change, Houston would have three “good wins” and three “bad losses”. The “good wins” would neutralize the “bad losses”. More “good wins” than “bad losses” is the preferred scenario to get into the NCAA Tournament.

(Butch) #2

Man, did you see what Baylor did to Texas? Once again, the difference between the haves and us is interior size. I really wish coach Hughey could recruit some of the better bigs who come out of this area each year…

(Butch) #3

Coogs came from behind by nine points to beat SMU here today…good going!