Houston faces Lamar at the Fertitta Center - ESPN3 at 7pm (W 79-56)


something i noticed the last few games…

ced’s true shooting motion is very long, he does this stepping thing with his legs , before even squaring his arms…whenever he gets to do the full motion, his shot is very good…otherwise he isnt a good shooter

yoeli childs from byu refused to guard ced at the 3 (who was guarding him), so ced had all the time in the world to shoot the ball…when ced is being guarded closely and doesnt have time to set up his shot, and he is just quickly shooting, it rarely goes him

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I’m excited to see how we perform these next 4 games…might be as good of a stretch games we play consecutively than in conference!

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Nate Hinton is so good at so many things its easy to forget he’s a freshman who played his 7th career college game tonight. Obviously there’ll be growing pains and freshman moments, but he really doesn’t look like a freshman.

Brison Gresham isn’t really a box score stuffer (other than blocks) but I’ve been really pleased with what he’s given us so far.


the return of dejon next game

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I think tonight moved Galen into the top spot in 3 point percentage on the year with 45%. Coach called him efficient taking 9 shots and scoring 20 points. Galen put it simply, “if I was open I shot, if was not I passed it and if i could drive I drove it.” Spoken like a team leader.


Interesting. I haven’t noticed that specifically but I’ll look out for it. I have noticed that his mechanics don’t always look the same. That may be the reason.

His boxscore was better last night, but I thought Alley played a much better game against Oregon due to his defense and blocking out in that game, especially when factoring in the opponent.


its very subtle if you arent paying attention,
when he shoots he takes a very lite hop, always lands on his right first then left, then a small dip then shoots it

compared to a regular shooter the full motion is kinda long

if he has time, he always does this exact motion to the tee every single time…every other team not byu has guarded him on ball, someone is guarding him tight even if he wasnt shooting…
byu didnt guard him at all till his release (aka gave him 5 feet, and just jump when he looked like he was going to shoot it), all the time in the world for his release

when he is being guarded tightly he shoots it like a regularly shooter (aka catch a shoot) because of the limited window and the shoots tend to come out flat