Houston head coach Ronald Hughey by The Jump Around with Blake DuDonis

(Patrick) #1

Houston head coach Ronald Hughey took some time out to talk to me about his story and his program on an early Sunday morning.

We talk about his humble upbringings and how that affected the steps he took in his career, plus what he has learned from working for C. Vivian Stringer, Gail Goestenkors, and Sue Semrau.

Hughey then tells me about his Houston program and what gave him the confidence that they would be successful, even after going 6-24 in his first two seasons. We also get into plenty more, all thanks to some uncommon honesty from him.

(Patrick) #2

Mentions that Frosh Jaidah Stewart and JUCO Doris Jones left early in the season because they were homesick and weren’t getting the playing time they wanted. Said Jazz Harris was doing things that she shouldn’t have and he had to suspend her. Said the team chemistry just didn’t come together early in the season like it needed to, but they were still 1-2 possessions from winning a number of games this season.