Houston Opens Home Schedule with Dominating Win

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The Cougars leave the city of Houston for the first time this season when they kick off against at Texas Tech at 3 p.m., Saturday, inside Jones AT&T Stadium in Lubbock, Texas. That game can be seen on FOX Sports and heard live on KPRC 950 AM.
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The Cougars return to the friendly confines of TDECU Stadium when they meet Texas Southern at 7 p.m., Sept. 22. Fans can purchase tickets by calling 713-462-6647 or by visiting uhcougars.com/tickets.

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Good pics from the game here:

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2 Burns is in about six of these photos.


I have been on a high this week due to beating “scumlin” back to the “scum” that he came from. If we beat Texas tech next week, I will declare this a very successful season. Do you guys think tech will be a loss this year as well? Don’t want to jump the gun but feel that techs defense will be enough to be a very large discrepancy and will cause us a victory.

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You might say that his name is appropriate…:sunglasses:

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A loss to Tech will mean we didn’t play the way we were capable of playing.

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It’ll be a tough game since it is at their place. Tech’s defense isn’t good as they were torched last week when they played Ole Miss and they were held in check by Ole Miss. This may be another case, like Arizona, where just because you have a bunch of players back, doesn’t mean that they are good. I’d expect the Cougar offense to continue their torrid pace.

Considering how Ole Miss struggled to contain FCS Southern Illinois this past week (76-41), that has to be a concern for Kingsbury and crew on offense. They lost their starting QB in that game against Ole Miss and started a freshman this past week against Lamar. No word, but I doubt that the starter will be back in time for this game. Question will be if our defense can stop them. Last year, the defense actually played well for most of the game with some huge mistakes late in the 3rd quarter that allowed Tech to get that big lead. Offense did them no favors as they kept turning the ball over outside of the 2nd quarter. If we get a similar defensive effort this year, we win this game going away.

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To me, it boils down to turnovers and penalties on the road. We need to play clean football to win in Lubbock and that’s not going to be easy against D. Gibbs.

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Some people look for the cloud in every silver lining. I think we will beat TT this weekend and am going out there to see us do just that.


Agreed, let’s hope for clean ball on the coog side. Would like to see the Coogs have two “P5” wins this season.

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5 TOs last year vs. Tech and still kept it fairly close. I like the Coogs’ chances this year with the new offense if they avoid the TOs. This team has better balance.


I would the Coogs to have 3 P5 wins!


I like that even better!