Houston to Send Three to NFL Combine

(Patrick) #1

Three Combine invites…all on defense. Yet, we had one of the worst defenses in all of college football :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Three members of the Houston Football program will travel to Indianapolis in the next month as the NFL released its 2019 NFL Combine invite list Thursday. Linebacker Emeke Egbule, cornerback Isaiah Johnson and defensive lineman Ed Oliver will all work out for NFL representatives at the event which will run Feb. 26 through March 4.

Houston tied Memphis for the most invites in The American Athletic Conference.

(Patrick) #2

Impressive graphics:


Applewhite and Coach No D, we got something positive from them.


Demonstrates we had talent just pathetic coaching.


Kinda bummed that Austin Robinson didn’t get one.


I bet he and Carter make someone’s practice squad in the NFL.


Agreed. Carter is very underrated.

(Patrick) #8

Kind of interested to see how pro day works out for some of these guys; especially on defense.

  • Carter
  • G.Davis
  • Robinson
  • Watkins
  • Myres
  • Brooker
  • Noble
  • Denley
  • T.Williams
  • Singleton

There’s some decent talent in there that didn’t get to the combine, but might make some training camp rosters.

(Ricky ) #9

Brooker,Singleton, Watkins, Carter and Davis all have a good shot. I’m really interested to see how Brooker and Davis test at pro day