How a forgotten Offensive Guru changed College Football

Jugular John was a man ahead of his time; he would absolutely be a star in today’s world of college football.


Back then, with coach John Jenkins in charge, Houston was college football’s most intriguing and polarizing team. Most coaches believed that defense and running the ball won games; Jenkins laughed at that notion. Instead, his Cougars ran a no-huddle offense and lined up with four receivers on most plays, compiling eye-popping passing statistics and forcing defenses to cover the entire field.

“John Jenkins used to tell us, ‘Every running play is a wasted opportunity to score,’” Klingler says. “He really did a great job of teaching this. If we had 70 snaps on offense and we only threw seven or eight touchdowns, then we failed on over 60 plays … He’s over there driving us to be better. We’re still scoring 65, 70 points in a game and all we see is a bunch of failure where we didn’t do our job.”


Magic Man-

The Dude before being The Dude was cool. Love me some of John’s offense.

Great article,
I have followed Mr. Jenkins career since he left. To this day IT AMAZES ME that he has not been offered a job with a Div I program or an OC position in the NFL
When you think that a Mike Leach coaches WSU or Gilbride was with the Giants for so long. Maybe he refused a few jobs but what a waste of talent.
Just imagine a meeting with CTH and John. Would not you like to be there?

Jenkins rubbed folks the wrong way and was basically blackballed when things like that still stuck.

By the time this era rolled around, he was forgotten and didn’t have the contacts to make a return.

I do remember that. Without the asinine probation we would have a National championship under Pardee and Jenkins. I am 100% convinced of it. That is also why we did not get invited a few weeks ago or joined the small12 when it was “re-branded” We are the “sleeping giant” That will never be accepted until something major changes.

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Jenkins was in Waller this past weekend hosting a passing competition.

“It was really exciting. Those Huntsville guys at Alpha really put on a show,” said Jenkins, who was the offensive coordinator for the Houston Cougars from 1987-89, which featured Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback Andre Ware, and was the head coach from 1990-92.

Where are the Boots? It still irks me how this guy was treated. This man knew how to score and score a bunch.

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