How many QBs this week?

Any guesses on which QBs see the field against Grambling? I assume Tune gets the start and plays a half. Could we see more than Ike in 2nd half? I hope so

Maybe we’ll see Ike


Assuming that this will be the rout that we all anticipate that it will be, CDH will likely call off the dogs in the 2nd half and let backup QBs play.

2 for sure

do we know for sure that Tune is even playing?

unless we’ve heard otherwise I still have concerns about his leg. he straight up pulled up on a sure TD run. cramp…? not buying it.

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I bet we sit Tune.

Edit: so I say we see 3 QBs

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If Tune is starting, probably just him and Ike… If Ike is starting then him and Massoud

It was just a muscle cramp, no hamstring. He’s been practicing.


Didn’t a similar thing happen his first year? I think it was a hamstring deal on an open field run.

They definitely played it cautiously with him for the next couple of games.


We better be up 60-0 before the reserves come in. Grambling is not a good team. They were shutout 37-0 by So. Miss. last week.

Looked like a hammy


Giena that is great news. I tore my hamstring while playing intramural soccer in the Winter. It felt like someone took a machete after my hammy. Every Winter it tightens. I am still concerned that he is getting hammy cramps though. Number 1 we have to beat Grambling. anyone on this forum not respecting Grambling is an insult to their entire squad and coaches.

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I thought so too until he came back in the game. If its a pulled muscle at least it wasn’t bad enough to pull him right away.

I’m guessing it aggravated it. That’s what I’m assuming anyway. They can’t be comfortable by any means.

As you know the moment you start having an injury be hammy or ankles it easily becomes a recurring problem. Let’s all hope it was just cramps.

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Against UNT he actually, injured the hammy. Saturday was a cramp.

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Going back to the original question – how many QB’s this week? If Grambling is as bad as their stats indicate, we can play as many as we want. Pull students out of the stands…

Copied this from the online media guide at Keep in mind, these stats aren’t against P5 teams – Grambling’s first two opponents were Tennessee State and Southern Miss.

I say start Ike follow with the rest. Let Tune rest his leg and sit in the coaches box so he sees what the coaches see.

Do we have any offense coaches in the box?

Great Question! sometimes I wonder…

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