How the AAC will push 'Power 6' narrative in 2018 college football season


Yes that did cross my mind when I was writing it.


University of Houston athletes do indeed do go into the communities and do volunteer work. Almost every week there are pictures of our players going into the neighborhood schools encouraging the kids to stay in school and to study hard. They read to them, they play games with them. They do food drives, work in soup kitchens and visit hospitals. I could go on but the work they do in the community speaks for itself.

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P6’s do not exist. What the cartel wants the cartel gets. The G5’s will continue to get the crumbs until litigation happens. espn, fox or cbs could care less about college football. This is strictly business for them. How can you blame them if they can? It is crystal clear that they are in cahoots to keep away a U of H or even UCF from joining a P5. Both are major threat to “local/regional” P5 teams. I am now convinced that uta/ok had no intention of letting us into the small12. This was another ploy to get more money from their media partner. Our only goal is to get into a P5 but history tells us that again we are being blocked. The only question for us is to find a way to circumvent that current state of affair. Would a new media partner like Amazon, Apple or say a you tube be the answer? At least we should try to “cozy up” as much as we can to these companies. It can’t hurt.


Martin, I think the AAC as a whole can grow to a P6 or a P5 1/2. Right now the top half of the AAC is better than the bottom half of the P5 conferences. I think the top AAC school is better than the the top schools in the P5 conference that don’t go to the playoffs. What is missing is the big name school and big name matchups that the casual fan would instantly recognize. A serious fan of college football would know that the UCF v USF game is a much better matchup than Miami v Florida State. But in the casual fans mind the latter has the seminole and the flaming spear versus Miami swag.

That is what the AAC is missing. Instant game and program recognition.

College Football is like boxing. Its about matchups that sell tickets. That is why everyone wants Texas to be back, so its games are compelling matchups that the casual fan tunes in for. There isn’t anything in college football that is meant to be fair. That is why the lower end of the P5s serve a purpose. They lose to and pad the records of the Big Brands. They are the “tomato cans” (to use a boxing term) of college football.

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I can hear my Pop now, “one day you will realize I am right! You said, I was crazy, but I know how the system works” :joy::joy:

Let’s just get this out of the way real quick. Yes, the SEC, Big Ten, ACC, Pac-12 and Big 12 are scared of the American Athletic Conference. The good old boy club known as the “Power Five” thought that they had eliminated any threat to their big money scheme known as the College Football Playoff, an invitational that relies completely on human opinion and speculation



Excellent points raised in that article.

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BYU get nearly 8 MIL

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Right on. We have written the same points for how many years now?
This is why UCF finishing undefeated is important to the future of college Football.
Some mentioned Utah that was invited to the PAC12. It won’t happen with UCF. Check the Uber time between the Florida & UCF. I am repeating myself. U of H & UCF mirror each other. They both have huge recruiting areas that are highly detrimental to small12, SEC & ACC Teams. Utah now takes Boise State recruits away. Its a win win for the PAC12 to the detriment of the WAC.
Here is the perfect scenario:
UCF finishes undefeated two years in row. Then it is our turn and on and on…
How long will the cartel be able to keep this scam running? I still think the best option is litigation. Maybe someone others that espn/fox & cbs offer a mountain of cash to the P5’s but demands our inclusion. Wishful thinking? Maybe but we gotta be optimistic. This unlawful National cfp has to either cease to exist or be inclusive.

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Rumor has it that ESPN countered with a $4M/yr/school offer to the American’s $10M request. Meanwhile, ESPN continues to try and devalue the American Athletic Conference throughout this season with their personalities trashing UCF and any other American team, *cough *cough Herbshit *cough *cough…

The other related rumor is that two schools are threatening to bolt if the final contract is below a certain amount. One for sure has to be UConn, who has recently considered shuttering football all together and joining the Catholics in Big East basketball. The other is unknown, but may be Navy, who saw their independent status as more sustainable and financially beneficial.


UConn and Navy are probably the 2 school I don’t care for leaving. UConn offer nothing in football. With women bkb, at least other women programs in the league feel like they have a chance to win the conference going into the season. Navy, well phuc Ken and his dirty ass chop blocking team. The next 2 out would be Tulsa and Tulane. Take AAC best 7-8 schools and form a G5 superconference with 7-8 MWC schools.


Anyone surprised that ESPN is not going to pay the AAC much more than any other G5 school? Why would they want a conference in between the P5 and G5 money wise when they are pushing the G5 playoff narrative?

This is going to end up in the courts, one way or another. I don’t know how or on what merit, but there is no way several schools, or possibly this conference, are going to let this happen without a fight. The only fight there will be is in the courts.

Or…ESPN puts the nail in the coffin by having P5s expand with one, two, maybe 4 top G5 teams and shut the arguments down, as they did with Utah when they were threatened with congressional action


So you are saying that ESPN wants the G5 to have its own playoff? I have not heard anything like that.


I hate being in this damn conference


Real question or sarcasm?


Real because your statement sounded real or was it a joke?


No not a joke…G5 playoff separate from P5 playoff is a real scenario that ESPN/Fox has been pushing since the CFP playoff was created. Basically creating a new division and playoff.


The irony is that they don’t think we would add monetary value if we (G5 schools) are added to the current system. Yet, a G5 only playoff is clearly a play for a bigger payday for ESPN. It’s a slap in the face we might have to take until we get into the self proclaimed P5 conferences.


Do you have some write up on that? If ESPN/FOX were pushing for a G5 playoff, it means they were going to make lots of money from it which means the conferences should make lots of money from it. The question is, why would the conferences not do it?




So we are doing all of this complaining about CFP bias when it is our fault we are in this predicament? And if we did have our own playoff, a P5 could still invite us to join.