How the AAC will push 'Power 6' narrative in 2018 college football season

(Alex Whitlock) #61

We could drop to FCS tomorrow. There are several conferences that would love to have us. We’d be a powerhouse. We’d win many championships.

A G5 playoffs has most of the same dynamics of that. We would, within ten years, officially be in a different subdivision. Maybe that’s our fate anyway, but I see no reason not go to down kicking and screaming.

One UCF-Auburn NY6 game is worth an entire tournament featuring UCF, Boise, Toledo, and Troy and it isn’t even close. And yes, a playoff means that the NY6 would be let off the hook with regard to a NY6 invite.

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I thought Navy had their own TV arrangements. They just signed something with CBS, if I recall?

I’m not putting a whole lot of stock in that rumor. Apart from the distant possibility of Tulsa throwing in the towel, I can’t think of anyone but UConn (and Navy) with other options.

(Monte P Gilliam) #63

OU, Kansas and Texas failed to renew the Big 12 GOR for a REASON…they intend to leave for greener pastures in a few years…BIGs arms are open and waiting and so are ACCs…and PAC will almost certainly respond to fact they have been on the outs playoff wise and money wise and if BIG is going to make a move, so will they…Remember what happened to the old MWC when they became a threat, like American is now…Their 2 best teams, Utah and TCU were added to P5, which forced the other top MWC team, BYU to drop out and become independent…so ended the threat of MWC…same thing will happen to the American in a few years, when those GORs are close to expiring and moves start to be made…
You people who act like everything is going to stay the same make me laugh…It NEVER stays the same!! We just have to be ready when time comes…We will be…

(WRB) #64

Realignment will result in 4, 16 team conferences. If we are left out of these 64 teams, it would probably be wise to support the concept of a separate playoff system. Until then we need to continuing improving our chances to get into the group of 64. That is all we can do.


lol man there’s no changing your mind huh?

Ok I honestly don’t understand the separation either, but if a G5 team beats a P5 team, how does that devalue either of them if we’re honestly talking a level playing field? The better team won, simple as that. I don’t see how this “keeping the money” from the G5 theory plays out. How would the not so ubiquitous “they” lose money? I don’t think it’s a conspiracy. If it is, everyone involved is a bonehead because they wouldn’t be saving themselves money if a G5 team invades the playoffs; it’s still division 1 versus division 1.

I do however, think there’s some on the committee that are biased(not just against UH); I just don’t think they are scared of losing money. I just think some of them hate certain teams and love others, regardless of conference affiliation. Maybe you can explain how the losing money thing would work. I’m a little lost honestly.

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