Huhn decommitted

Looks like a SMU flip.

Dang it! We so badly need depth at OL.

We need another two OL commits now. We are at 18 for this class with this decommit.

We need two receivers, one LB, and another two DBs.

I would say we could use a couple of JC offensive linemen.

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Currently, I am not seeing any reported offers to JC linemen.

Not too surprising. Kid was highly upset with the staff for leaving and mom didn’t like Applewhite. At least he won’t end up at Texas.

We’ll lose some more before it’s all said and done.

Mom didn’t like Applewhite? Interesting. I knew she had blasted Herman but wasn’t aware she had a problem with MA. if there’s any good out of this, we do have two pretty solid HS OT recruits, we started two freshmen at OT this year, and we are now recruiting an interior lineman or two, which IMO would be the way to go with Bardwell and Cosmi.

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Apparently, Major disrespected her during a visit after the coaching change. When she came back from her twitter timeout, she kept posting cryptic messages to him about respecting people and not dismissing them. Figured this was coming at some point, was hoping there was a change of heart when he posted after the bowl game, but still expected this.

She would have been “interesting” to have at Houston.

I’m not worried about it too much. He wasn’t technically part of the Houston takeover. Those guys seem to have bonded. I know it’s an offensive lineman and we obviously need depth but if we hire the right O-line coach, not only will he probably bring in a couple of his own recruits, but maybe he will do better with the ones we already have.

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Glad they are taking the drama elsewhere.


Exactly. It’s all about the mom. Sorry, Mom, but unless you’re putting on some pads, sit on down. It’s not about you. Sorry you felt “disrespected” but this is a taste of what every college employee (coach, prof, counselor) HATES to deal with. The parent makes it about herself and it overshadows the kid.

We might have dodged a bullet with this one.

I don’t know what happened here, so I’m going to avoid passing judgment. I do find it a little concerning that the mom (whether she’s psycho or not) felt disrespected by CMA. I don’t expect these coaches to go into these homes and do nothing but kiss butts and try to flatter parents, but they also should probably stay away from offending or disrespecting them.

And anyone who thinks a parent is going to sit idly by and not have something to say about where their kid goes to college is not being realistic. These are 17 and 18 year old kids. Everyone on this board remembers how stupid he or she was when that age. A good parent will have advice to give and opinions to offer to help their child make a good decision. Doesn’t mean that parent is always right, but they should be involved.

Quite frankly, if a kid doesn’t feel like he can buy in 100% to CMA’s vision, I don’t know that I want him here. CMA’s job on the recruiting trail is to sell his vision for the program and everything Houston has to offer. If the kid doesn’t agree with that vision or wants something else, fine. Go find it somewhere else. I want kids who are sold out for the cause because those kids will work harder than anyone else and overcome disparities in physical talent. They’ll also be far more likely to handle adversity like a champ and work through it.

Ok, I’m done now.


I was pointed to this page by someone I know close to the situation and I felt the need to set a few things straight.

According to the guy connected to the family, the mom has nothing to do with this. From what I heard, this was a very difficult decision for everyone. From what I’ve seen, the fans seem to have been very supportive with the exception of a few bad apples who are creating unnecessary drama. Remember these are minors making HUGE life decisions and they deserve to be treated with respect.

For the record, CMA never visited Matthew or anyone else in the family…ever. He would have tweeted it out just like everyone else does.

Just adding my two cents…and clearing up the rumors…


I agree. These are kids making choices. Sorry it didn’t work out, but I wish him the best wherever he goes.

No, you’re not clearing anything up. You’re merely adding to the drama by incorporating the Huhn family spin to the matter.

I bet some of you knuckleheads are still hung up about your high school sweetheart dumping you. Dude changed his commit. Move on.


This guy has offers from practically the entire Ivy league. Unless he’s 100% certain he’s going to the NFL, I would personally be deciding between Harvard, Yale, or Princeton.

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Heard from a couple of different people that the Huhn decommitment was a mutual decision and that the Young decommitment may also have been mutual.

CMA’s looking at more than just stars and rankings and more for fit and need at this point.


Guilty! :heart_eyes:


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