Hulu, disney+, and espn+ for 12.99

Need to know if this is worth it. Looks like a great deal but seems too good to be true. Anyone sign up and taken advantage? Whats the skinny?

I like it. As far as the Coogs go, I think it will be much more beneficial once we get past this Covid thing and Olympic and secondary sports are back in action and available. You might check with…

to see if the deal is the same. Helping one of our own.

Is this package just the regular Hulu or the Hulu live tv? I have just the basic Hulu and it’s pretty good lots of good original content. I’ve never used espn +. My gf got a free year of Disney + because of her Verizon contract I believe. If you are into the Disney movies/ marvel movies it’s worth it. I am not. They only thing I’ve watched religiously is the Star Wars mandalorian show otherwise I don’t even use it.

As soon as the Coogs are on ESPN+, we’ll be getting this deal (through Kris Gardner’s site).

Helps that I’ve got four kids–so the Disney channel will be used a lot in addition to me using the ESPN+ channel. And we’ve already got Hulu (so we’ll drop it and re-sign up). Overall, looks like a pretty good deal.

I got it and like it. Problem. Ignorance. When I go to sign in to Espn it asks for my cable provider with Hulu being one of the options. After I put in my password it then says that I am not eligible for live TV and suggests to sign up for free trial.

Can you get past this and how do you do it?

ESPN+ - Will have some exclusive content for Coogs (I think a little football, some hoops, and lots of baseball/olympic sports/etc). Also has some other college games, UFC, 30 for 30 library, some MLB, some MLS, some Serie A soccer, etc.

Hulu - Has a pretty good library of shows and movies to stream across multiple genres.

Disney+ - Has most of the library for Marvel, Disney, Star Wars, and Pixar as well as a lot of Discovery Channel stuff and new and exclusive content in each of those genres (plus Hamilton).

If there’s enough for you across each of those platforms it’s a fantastic deal at $12.99 per month for all 3.

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