I couldn't care less about the Big12, what matters is

What just chaps my hide and I am sure everyone else feels the same way, is that no P5 puts in very realistic jeopardy the ability for us to keep great coaches. What matters is being able to compete for an NC and to keep our coaches. Without P5 it becomes really hard and a near impossibility as everyone knows.

Even with the prospect of Big12 I have been very uneasy because of UT and the abject dysfunction of the league… I would still be uneasy if we got in. I just hope we land somewhere soon and the system changes and Herman will stick with us and help see this through. He could become remembered forever here if he stays.


I hope that CTH is either telling the current players he’s not leaving, or the likes of Ed Oliver, D’Eriq King and the other young studs are telling him how much they want him to stay. Fertitta won’t let salary be an issue, so relationships need to trump the winning advantage of the P5.


Fertitta said again yesterday on tape that economics/money won’t be why Herman would leave if he were to leave.

My hope is that there are other avenues and Herman knows this and can be patient and continue to build. Hopefully you can see the grass ain’t always greener and a place like UT can destroy great coaches. Charlie Strong is being ruined there.

1000% agree. I truly believe Herman loves it here. His family loves it here, he can recruit without getting on a plane and he has an admin, boosters and a fan base that idolizes him. He has proven that he can get to and win NY6 games here and before losing to Navy, we were on everyone’s radar to get into the playoffs if we won out. Sure would have been nice to see that one play out, but at least it was being discussed as a real possibility. And hopefully that’s enough to convince him that he can win at the highest level here even if inclusion in a P5 isn’t exactly on the horizon. I believe that’s what he really wants so we have to convince him he can have it here.

OKLAHOMA blocked expansion, NOT Texas or the Texas schools…That seems clear…

It seems to me that the only schools that didn’t block expansion were UT and Tech. However, I’m not sure and that is purely my own speculation based on how they were the first two to leave the meeting. Again, just me guessing and reading between the lines. End of the day, if this was a power struggle, it seems Oklahoma won and UT is PO’ed. I don’t know what else will become of this, but it will be interesting to see, to say the least.

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Why was the vote unanimous? Was that just for looks to say we’re all united in our decision?


See the memo leaked to ESPN.

It looks like UT and TT got beat. Probably stabbed in the back by the Frogs

ESPN article

The B12 is getting ripped in the major media outlets.

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Sounds like UT block expansion to me.

ISU’s Pollard saying ‘new members that would “dilute” the league’s value’ is about as ironic as you can get. ISU dilutes the NCAA’s value as a whole.


Well their value is going to really dilute when the Big12 dissolves.

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