I got vaccine yesterday

Pfizer, going back for second shot on the 24th. Wife got moderna 10 days ago. Who else is getting theirs?

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Get my second Moderna next Wednesday. Ready to have the government nanobot trackers inserted and I can re-enter The Matrix. #ignoranceisbliss

Had no adverse reactions to shot #1…hoping for minimal to no symptoms for #2.


I got my second dose of Pfizer in March at 9:30 on a Saturday morning. Woke up around 3:30 Sunday morning with a splitting headache with ear aches, which I have not had ear aches since pre kindergarten. Took 3 200MG ibuprofen and within 30 minutes fell back asleep. Hour or so later woke up with the headache and took 1 more 200MG ibuprofen. Fell asleep and when I woke up all was fine. My doctor recommended ibuprofen. I have heard so many people have all kinds of different reactions to second shot.

I got Pfizer #2 back on March 30. Next day ran slight fever; took 2 Tylenol’s twice and next day
back to normal. Wife got Pfizer #2 on May 3rd. No reaction, so far after 2 days.

Got my 2nd Feb 12. No problems. Have added a 6th toe on my left foot


Got my second shot neck in March no side effects either time… Though Bill Gates was talking duty in my head yesterday which was odd because it’s usually Fauci.

I got my second Pfizer jab on 4/16. No reaction to either other than a sore arm. That microchip takes some time for your arm to get used to.


Got mine done in March. I’m glad for it. My wife got it done in January, she’s a front line worker.

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Nan and I are both fully vaccinated.

I had Moderna 1 and 2 at the VA almost two months ago. Sore arm on the first one, a little fever and some body aches on number two, but that was gone the next day.

My wife had Pfizer 1 and 2 at the Ft. Bend County Fair Grounds over a month ago. No side effects to either.

My Mom had J&J at Kroger’s almost two months ago. Likewise, no side effects for her.

All immunized!!!

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Both completed in February. Sore arms with #1. Nary a symptom with Pfizer 2. Nurse daughter had J&J and had 6 hours of fever aches and woke up next morning fine.

Got both Moderna doses for myself, my wife and her mother. My son got both Pfizer doses. Only my wife had any reaction with a 3 inch wide red spot at the injection site that was warm & sore for three days after the 1st jab, and 2 days after the 2nd jab.

I got Pfizer last month. Slight soreness in my arm on the first shot (less sore than a flu shot). I had no effects at all after the second shot.

Wife got the Johnson and Johnson back in March and it was rough on her. She had about 24 hours of extreme muscle and bone pain. It was bad enough that she couldn’t sleep. After that pain went away, no more problems.

We’re both glad we got the shot. We feel a lot more comfortable…to the point that we’re planning to go out for dinner next week for the first time in over a year. We’re planning to sit outside, but still, it’s a big step forward in getting back to normal.

My wife and I got our second Pfizer shot three weeks ago, and had zero problems.

I was okay on day one of pfizer but day two kicked me down the road. Couldn’t do anything, slight fever and my arm hurt big time. I hope second dose isn’t this bad.

Got my second dose of Moderna in February. Feel like I’m getting better WiFi reception and my Strength has improved. Ran a 40 in .05 seconds the other day. Drank a bottle of Tequila yesterday no effects today. 10/10 recommend.



Got my immunity the hard way in December

I had J&J, and no side effects at all. My friend had it the same day and she was knocked out and in bed for 3 days with flu like symptoms. So whacky it effects each person differently.

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I got my 2nd dose of Pfizer last Thursday afternoon. Felt great until Friday morning when I woke up with body aches, chills something between a dull headache and brain fogginess, kind of like a mild hangover. Pushed through my day until having a Tylenol with lunch that got me about 90% back to normal. Then another Tylenol before bed and I was back to 100% Saturday morning.
I’m 41 and never get sick so it was worrisome while I was dealing with it but after a day, no big deal at all as it turns out and I’m glad to have it behind me.

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