I know there is still a chance, but... (Bowl Outlook)

We are bowl eligible despite what happens the rest of the season. Let’s take a look at where we could end up. Honestly, until now, I haven’t even looked at our tie-ins in the AAC. That is how high my expectations were. My wife and I are discussing what will happen. We most likely won’t have a game in early December now, so…

The AAC doesn’t have a true order of selection. The bowls matchups are based on best possible games and geography.

– Armed Forces Bowl (Navy) vs. Big 12 (We know this one all too well).
– AutoNation Cure Bowl vs. Sun Belt (Orlando at what is formerly the Citrus Bowl)
– Birmingham Bowl vs. SEC (We know this one)
– Marmot Boca Raton Bowl vs. Conference USA (Florida in FAUs collegiate stadium)
– Miami Beach Bowl vs. MAC (Florida at Marlins Baseball Stadium)
– Military Bowl vs. ACC (Annapolis at NMCMS)
– Popeyes Bahamas Bowl vs. MAC (Bahamas in a 15k seat olympic track and field stadium)
– St Petersburg Bowl vs. ACC (Florida at Tropicana Field a baseball stadium)

The American Athletic has secondary partnerships with the AutoZone Liberty (typically lower-level BigXII vs SEC now) and Camping World Independence (typically lower-level SEC vs ACC).

My word our bowl line up sucks. Four bowls in Florida, two in baseball stadiums, one in a small collegiate stadium, one in an olympic stadium in a foreign country, and only three possible matchups against P5

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Houston can still beat Louisville.

With the available bowl games we have now, I’m treating the Louisville game as our bowl game.

Just for grins (and idle curiosity), is our only chance at winning the conference now for Navy to lose 3 of their remaining conference games and us win out? That would give us and Memphis 2 conference losses and us the head to head edge over Memphis. I know, I know, it’s not going to happen, unless it does…


Florida in December ain’t bad. I know we all got caught up in CFP talk but the Coogs stopped going #1-0 somewhere along the lines. Hopefully, our boys can regroup and finish strong!


Once they lost against Navy, they have been check out mentally. It was CFB playoffs or bust for them this season. Can’t blame them, they’re either teenagers or early 20’s adults. Is common nature.

Ideally, if we can’t win the conference, hopefully Navy can run the table and grab the NY6 bowl. Gives our conference the NY6 slot and allows us to play a Big 12 team in the Armed Forces bowl at the same time.

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Our bowl game is the Louisville game. We need to make a statement. A statement to all that is. It is a very important game for future recruits and anybody looking at us.
In case we end in the Justin Bieber bowl so be it. The only good thing for us at this point will be about making money. We also want Navy to get to the NY6 bowl. Remember that we do get money if they get there. Boise State is targeting the same prize.

Weed-eater Bowl anyone? (just kidding! I hope.)

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