If Allen starts and struggles

(G.W.) #1

How many series will CMA allow him to get on track.

Since Temple is a clock grinder I would hope no more than two.


The worst thing that can happen (besides losing which I just dont see happening with our D) would be for us to go conservative on offense and do just good enough. Allen doesn’t show anything great, but takes care of the ball and doesn’t get tested much. The D could make a couple big plays or a guy like King takes a sweep play to the house and we jump out to a big lead and sit on it. Then we are basically at square one going against SMU who isn’t great, but can score.

(Christopher W Allison) #3

Allen takes care of the ball? What??? He has had some horrible horrible interceptions.


Hope I’m wrong, but I can se a nail biter coming against a bad team.

(Marcus) #5

I agree with this completely. Yes, we can beat Temple 23-6, but that does nothing for the rest of our season. We need to show that we can win with an offense that can score when needed for when we face Memphis, USF and other contenders.

(CoogNation_14) #6

If we have another slow week on offense again. I am officially grabbing my pitch fork.

(Eric) #7

we have to flex some offensive muscle. All we’ve showed that we can put up points against Rice… yippie!

Watching our offense against Arizona and through all but 5 minutes of the Tech game was one so damn boring…


A lot of posters with common sense posting on this thread! Go Coogs!


Actually I would like to see Postma start and play the first half, Allen the second half.

Houston should win with a shutout regardless, but would like to see a change.

(Craig C.) #10

Just win! Coogs defense will stop most team, Tech is an offensive machine, held them to 2 huge plays


Right now, UCF is the best team in our conference. They are very physical and have imposed their will on the opposition. Maryland looked helpless against them this last weekend. Memphis is a close second and S. Florida a very close third.


I would agree UCF is very good right now, but maryland is down to the third string qb.

(Marcus) #13

Since we don’t play UCF this year, and Memphis and Navy does, I would like for you to be correct about this.