If we beat Tulsa


Do we begin to get votes at 5-1?

(Thomas Hitchcock) #2

Possibly, we need certain teams to win/lose for us to get votes. If we beat Tulsa and Memphis, we should get votes no matter what happens.

(Ben B) #3

I think you mean begin getting back votes. We had votes the few two or three weeks.

(Patrick) #4

Not for beating Tulsa unless it’s something outrageous (77-3). Beat Memphis and the votes will come.


Beat Tulsa 11 votes
Beat Memphis 27th in the nation
Beat ranked USF 25th in the nation
Beat ECU no change
Beat Tulane 23rd in the nation
Beat ranked Navy 18th in the nation
Beat ranked UCF in CCG 15th in the nation
Beat NY6 opponent 11th in the nation

(Mark Jacob) #6

Here’s the road map! Go Coogs!

(Patrick) #7

Interesting looking at the Sagarin ratings

Going by his ratings, UCF is by far the best G5 at #21. SDSU, UH, and USF come in at 36, 37, and 38 respectively and UH has played the toughest schedule out of all G5 contenders to date. His current predictor has UH finishing ahead of both the other two at this point.

Looking at his conference rankings, the AAC West is the 10th best division/conference right now, ahead of all other non-P5 entities. The MWC Mountain (the division that SDSU is not in) comes in next, but the divide is about as big as the divide between the AAC West and the SEC East. The MWC West, the division SDSU is in comes in at 16, while the AAC East comes in at 13. That’s what will kill SDSU down the stretch.