If we finish 9-3


Assuming we beat Tulane, Navy and win whatever Bowl we are in, do we get votes at the end of the season? Man, that would cap off a decent first year for the HC and help going into next years campaign!

(Patrick) #2

We’ll get votes if we win out. I don’t think we’ll be ranked.


Sure wish we would’ve come to an agreement to play that game we missed against UTSA since neither of us will be in our respective conference championship games. The potential to go 10-3 sounds really nice, especially considering where we were 3-4 weeks ago.

(Bryant Hargrave) #4

We’d have to smoke everyone but it’s possible. But cracking the receiving votes area up to the low end of the top 25 would be a great way to wrap up the season.

(Tom) #5

First time Houston would not be ranked in three seasons.


The future is bright. We clearly have our next QB. The recruiting classes are good and we have the indoor practice facility. Unlike in the past we dont have to apologize for the conference we are in. The American isnt the SEC but it is very good.

Good days ahead.

(James Duncan) #7

Today’s AP poll has the bottom 3 teams all with 3 losses - ISU, NC ST and LSU.

LSU Lost to Troy and home, equally as glaring as the Tulsa loss.

So I’d bet a 3 loss UH team is ranked at 25 over several 4 and probably 5 loss teams by January.

(Jimmy Morris) #8

I think it depends on how our opponents finish and who we play in a bowl game. If we finish 9-3 but none of our opponents are ranked, we will have votes but not enough to finish in the top 25. On the other hand, if King and Car continue to play well, a 9-3 finish most likely means we start out in the top 25 next season.


Good post!

(Mike Higdon) #10

LSU may have one bad loss; but the other 2 were to Miss State and 'Bama and they also beat Auburn.
Iowa State beat OU and TCU.
NC State’s 3 losses are to South Carolina, Notre Dame, and Clemson.

No comparison.

(James Duncan) #11

Wasn’t saying UH is deserving right now but once the season is done a 9-3 record should get them to 25 ranking over 4 and 5 loss teams. Even now five teams ranked from 20-25 have 3 losses with 3 or 4 gms left to play.

The LSU comment was to say the voters can forgive laying an egg while still ranking you. That will come into play if UH plays great in these last 3 games.

(Kyle Caesar) #12

I had the succesful season mark at 8-4, and while there have been tough times I see real promise in Applewhite. I think we all wanted more before the season, and rightfully so. I do believe we overestimated our defensive capabilities due to Big Ed. Our LB corps and DB corps were decimated. Hopefully we have some real depth there next year to compete for the AAC and NE6 bowl again.

(PMM) #13

Decimated ? Teams lose players every year.

I think we over estimated the coaching staff.


Losing our best receivers amd oline players after this year is going to be tough

(Eric Prado) #16

I don’t think anyone overestimated the coaches except for the haters.

(PMM) #17

Yes, coaching has no effect on team results !

Dream on.


Yup, and the only person that they are giving credit to is DK4 as if he “fixed” all of our issues by himself. lol

(Mike) #19

We have a great shot at 9-3 but only if we tighten up and play every game like USF. The most important issue in finishing hard and fast is the preseason rankings next year. People doing these polls don’t seem to do a whole lot of research, Phil Steele being the exception. What they tend to do is pencil in Alabama at No1. and then go down the end of 2017 rankings. If UH is prominent then we get noticed. The narrative will be that after a shaky start Major proved he could succeed at HC and that he can recruit. The narrative will continue by noting UH has the QB to win big and the talent to support him. That keeps us from starting at No. 70 and having to claw our way back into relevance. It also means that should we lose one game we don’t drop out of sight. Good teams lose games. Then they move on. So how we finish the season is critical to how we begin next season in the rankings.


I really hope Bryson Smith doesn’t transfer because of Deriq King. I hope he’s fine with taking a seat until King graduates.

Unless CMA moves him to WR or something


Bryson will be a red shirt freshman next fall. King will be a Junior. Bryson will likely be #2 on the depth chart with Postma graduating and Allen possibly transferring out. Bryson gets a shot as starting QB his red shirt junior year but will spend the next 2 seasons as the #2 QB and will get some game reps.