If we were to make more shirts, what would you want to see?

(CoogsOfCV3) #23

We don’t really intend to, it’s a running joke among us because when the guy who founded our group created the “fridays are for the coogs” hat, he got a bunch of smack for it (because of the close resemblance to a MAGA hat) until people realized what it said and asked to get one.

(Jason Lee) #24

Go for it. Let’s not associate any Coog sports with ANY political figure if possible. Don’t care about colors.

(CoogsOfCV3) #25

That’s when the joke “Make Fridays RED Again” nearly became some kind of article of clothing. But we didn’t want to have any political support or satire in our group. The only thing we shared was Warren’s presidential run, BECAUSE she was a UH Alum

(CoogsOfCV3) #26

We might do “Let’s go win some games”


Anyone see the movie 4 Brothers with Mark Walberg? Always thought the restaurant scene was good when the bad guy rips his guys for hiring local hitmen instead of out of towners. Thought a cool tourney shirt could say: Out of Town Shooters but guess you’d have to have seen the movie first to get it.



I’d like some nice Cougar khaki shorts with a UH or a coog on the back pocket.


For Gosh sake, get rid of ‘Commuter U’. YWCF is an organic thing that came up through reddit and is great, but Commuter U is demeaning to the university

(CoogsOfCV3) #30

It’s been gone. Someone thought it would be appealing to an ‘old grad’. Turns out that person was wrong.

We appreciate all the feedback!



(Gerald) #32

If we are being MAGA inspired, how about ‘Make Fridays Cougar Red’

(09Frontiersmen) #33

I’ve always liked 1) 3rd Ward Cougars and 2) Whose House? Coogs House

(CoogsOfCV3) #34

#2 is out there as we’ve seen a few around. If they can’t be found, we’ll whip something basic up.

For 3rd Ward Coogs, there was an org way back when that did something like that but they seem inactive. We’ll come up with something (maybe a shirt + hat). Hat design already comes to mind, don’t know about the shirt. Thanks!


I’d like to see this one brought back… and you can go ahead and put me down for a 2XL, Adult M, Kids L & Kids M!

Go Coogs!


I LOVE those!

(WRB) #37

I would buy a handful.

(Patrick) #38

Agreed. Found a gray one, but I really want the red one (company that was selling it, sold out quickly and never restocked)

(CoogsOfCV3) #39

These look great.

If we found something like that, we can PROBABLY make it. However, we have to find out if that image is copyrighted or not. That’s a major issue, we don’t want to get sued.


More nudity;)


Isn’t that an old UH logo?

(Gerald) #42

My window decal had that cougar when I started at UH in 1989. I don’t think it is a UH exclusive though as I believe I have seen other entities use it.