If you're going to recruit in Texas

(Patrick) #1

Sam Khan article on recruiting in Texas and how Fisher may have ruffled feathers on his first day on the recruiting trail. Has some quotes from Cedric Hardeman and CMA.

“Sometimes [a trainer] is the influencer. Sometimes he’s just somebody who helps [the prospect] get faster and stronger,” Houston coach Major Applewhite said. “It’s case by case. … If you see a situation heading down a path you don’t want to go down as a recruiter, to me, that’s part of the evaluation process.”


Good read. I wonder who pays the bill for the elite athletes whose parents don’t have the means or are they just left out?

(Chris Vaughan) #3

A lot of this came about because hs coaches didn’t want to coach summer 7 on 7. Now they are regretting that decision.


Great read…There is absolutely no doubt that the kids that go through the select/7-7 ball are significantly ahead of their peers. Are they that much better athletes ? No but they’ve had training from pros on aspects of the game the HS coach, who first and foremost is an educator, just can’t provide. Football is still King in Texas but HS baseball is not even in the same universe with select/tournament/travel ball these days.

(Charles) #5

The comments about who influences the kid’s decisions smacks of possible under-the-table dealings.

(itcoog) #6

When I read this article and I see comments that football is going to AAU style. I fear for college football over all because there will be more money involved. Overall just bad for the game IMHO.


Girls’ softball is the same way. I have daughter who at age 11 or 12 quit softball after one season on a select team because it wasn’t fun for her any more. She had talent but her mom and I respected her decision.


Poor kids do not get to enjoy their childhood because parents have them playing sports all year long.

(Chris Vaughan) #9

My son was 10 and was asked to be the catcher on the select team. I asked him if he wanted to do it again and he said no. I asked why. He said “you drive a long way, it’s really hot and everybody is fighting and arguing. It just isn’t any fun. Can’t I just go to the pool?” He went to the pool and played fall & spring ball.

(Robert) #10

College FB has followed BB with the AAU camps and 7 on 7 because of Nike, Adidas, etc. Follow the money.

When I here fans complain about the AAC not getting enough money, how the BIG12 would not let UH in, how the P5 conferences control everything I laugh.

Follow the money. Universities get money from fans and ticket sales which is very important. But what makes the coaches salaries so high and what has caused the separation of P5 and G5 is who pays for the games.

It is not Fox, ESPN, NBC, CBS, etc. They package the conferences, develop the Brands, and sell them to those who sponsor/purchase the ad times. These are the sports apparel mfgs., auto mfgs, beer companies, soda, insurance, etc. These companies are no longer just sitting by waiting to be told what air times are available, they now tell the media which conferences they will pay this much for ads and which ones they will not. Even within P5 conferences they want marquee teams and marquee games for the top dollars.

Out here in Katy on I10 near Brookshire, a large retail facility is being built. It will be stocked full of merchandise for consumers to buy. Except one will not be allowed into it to make a purchase. It is owned by Amazon and for online/apt shoppers only. Sears, Macy’s, etc. are closing brick and mortar stores.

It will no longer be just butts in seats, it will be streaming viewers willing to pay per game or season. With cord cutting ESPN is promoting ESPN3 and streaming. With Disney buying Fox Sports, the cable sports will be controlled by even fewer companies but the advertisers will demand firm viewership, regardless of cord cutting.

The dinosaurs like myself will go to games, but for the P5 bucks the advertisers will demand only the marquee brand P5’s in college FB. Don’t be surprised if one day you will have a Super 4 Conferences made up of 56 or only 48 teams who the advertisers demand be part of.

The advertisers want the most eyes for their bucks, they will not want to pay top ad dollars for small market teams like Iowa St., Vanderbilt, Kansas St., and others. They will demand only those teams with the largest viewing audience and they will get it.