I'm so tired of the UCF hype


We’re gonna destroy every team we play this season

(Marcus) #2

UCF deserves the hype. You go perfect and win a NY6 bowl, more power to you. I hope they’re undefeated again when we play them on December 1st.

(Patrick) #3

THey do bring back a lot of starters. Have to see how the new coaching staff does.

(jimmyschofield) #4

Why wouldn’t the defending national champions get some hype? :roll_eyes::joy:


I didn’t mind the hype we got after 2015 and the Peach Bowl beat down of FSU. I am jealous!!

(Monte P Gilliam) #6

They will take a step back…just like we took a step back in 2016.

(Chris) #7

Beating the National Champion? That should get us to number 1 right?

(gpropes) #8

Hey OP, did you like seeing Greg Ward on the cover of Sports Illustrated before the OU game in 2016? I presume you had no problems with hype when UH was the school receiving it.

The UCF hype will die down by the end of September. Their HC hire was Major-esque.

(Mark) #9

They will but probably won’t be as far back as we fell. They’ve got a senior at QB that can cover a lot of new coach foul-ups. 10-2 and another conference title is absolutely doable for them.

(Chris) #10

They have a huge geographical recruiting pool to choose from. They are very similar to us from that point of view. UCF and U of H are two programs that could develop into a major force in a short period of time in case they join a P5. They both represent a major threat to other Florida and Alabama Teams. That would affect the SEC and ACC.

(Gerald) #11

This. That hire made absolutely no sense. Mizzou’s offense only performed well when they were playing the dregs of the SEC or the good SEC defense took their foot off their throat during a beatdown. The only team of note the offense really performed well against was Auburn.

(Alfred Matthews) #12

not really. they also hired Shannon as dc who is 10x better than donofrio

(Alfred Matthews) #13

Milton is a jr.